For norske lesere

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To everyone:

  • If you want to follow me on twitter, you find me if you search for @ninjafighter. I mostly write in Norwegian here, but sometimes I share articles or other things related to life and psychology.
  • I also have a facebook group and page called “aktiviteter in Førde”. The ideas is simple, just to find and inform all people from the town I come from, add them to the group and invite members to activities that I organize with help from other people. This because nothing much happens here, and I know several people who would like more to happen. If you think this is a good idea, start a group like it 😉 The page is: if you are curious. Hope this can be an inspiration for people who want to do something for the community, the same idea as pay it forward; Do something good for others, and could get something in return

For people who read Norwegian, its possible to also read my native blog: La vita e bella (from my favorite movie, language and country)

the adress is: You can alsofind pics there, but it will be hard to understand anything unless your from Norway. Will start on my Narrative part 3 ASAP.

    • Have a wonderful evening (the pic is from a dinner I organized in my group, we were 12 people at the most, and had a really good time, with tapas and socializing)!
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