One song you should hear if you don`t have time for much more

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I want to present one of Norway`s most modest but strongheaded young artists. She sings for those out there who need comfort and will to move on after tough times, as she has done herself. “- For me it’s never been about writing hit songs. I haven’t sat down trying to find some words that accidentally will fit a catchy melody. Music has been my way of putting into words what I’m feeling, my salvation, and still it’s like that”.

She is always on the scene when there is a good cause to fight for, and she is never afraid to say what she means to protect those less fortunate.

This is about one of her recent songs:

– “Viktoria” is a direct result of the fact that I let out a lot of anger on my previous record. Even though there’s darkness here, too, it’s a record about forgiving and about being sure that things will blow over, Mena says.

If you just have time for one song, I absolutely recommend: 


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