Pain reduced through hypnosis

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I work together with a young man who has started a private clinic in our town. He treats people with different sort of pain, and I help him with some of the patients. Pain is maybe the most psychological phenomena on earth, which is no wonder if you think about it. People born without pain, die early because they don´t stay away from things that hurt them. They don`t learn that it`s dangerous to touch a stove, and don`t seek shade from the sun if the skin burns. They might recognize that something`s not right, by observing blood pumping from a wound, but if the wound is not possible to spot, they won´t seek help before the loss is too great. Without pain we can`t live, so it`s not really strange that we have perfected its function. In addition to stimuli from the outside, pain is also regulated from our insides. People know how pain-killers can reduce a throbbing head, and opioids has been used for decades for numbing the senses to a degree that leads to dangerous addictions. But pain can be relieved with our minds, too. This video shows a woman in Iran using hypnosis because of an allergic reaction to anesthesia so that she can get a Cesarean. This shows an extreme example of how powerful the mind can be.

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