The sound of flying birds (breaking free)

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Right now I have a brand new feeling inside me. It`s like packing out strange food covered with plastic, revealing a smell that is unfamiliar and exciting. I got the same feeling of strangeness when I ate fried bananas and ice cream for the first time.  First I did not know if I liked the taste, because it was so completely different from anything I`d tried before.

I can feel the newness of this new feeling it in my stomach and throat, but have not been able to label it yet. It comes from strange coincidences (or faith?) connected to the theme flying (I`ve always dreamt about flying, it has been one of the few recurring dreams I have, but usually when I can`t control it). The song I present might convey some of what I`m trying to say:

Kate Earl- Learning to fly

It seems like faith has lifted me
I can’t seem to keep my feet on the ground

I no longer hide
So i let the sun wash over me
Cause there’s no darkness left
To hold me down
And i feel it’s light
Now i found the spark
That was missin in my life

I earned these wings
I was not born with them
and it’s no accident
How i walked through
The rain and the fire

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