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Some mornings I wake up with a volcano inside me, full of ideas that long for their release. My brain is burning. I woke up slowly, and far to late, but felt so good. Just did things like play with things on the floor, looking out at the room without trying to find anything specific, and felt everything about this nothingness that is my life. I love all of it, the little spider I found in my drawer, the one sock lying relaxed on my floor and the cool feel of the blanket over my foot. I love it all, because it means I`m alive. I went to the bathroom and then my brain took over. It was a volcano eruption of ideas, and I wrote them all hastingly image fast down on a piece of paper. The one that pushed all my inner lava forwards, was “project validation”. It started with the thoughts I had in connection with talking to my American friend, who watched the video “validation”, showed it to her sister, who was inspired and actually did something nice for a man the next day. I was thinking, stories like these need more focus, not just everything that is WRONG in the world.

I truly believe stories like that have the ability to inspire people to do good things themselves, and I will personally equip myself with small bombs, machetes, guns and a safety west for battling down the fear that tries to stop me, from doing what I feel is right. I continued the thought on spreading hope, and thought maybe we should ask if every reader does something nice for someone else, and then write WHAT they did on this blog. This would be positive news, and an example of how small efforts can have big effects. For every thing we do, we have to ask that person to do something for one other person. A little like the movie “pay it forward”. Then I thought: Why not make this a BLOG project, spreading it everywhere. It is like earth hour in that everyone just does one small thing, but it might have a huge effect. I even thought about telling it to my work (we have places where people stay for days and weeks, what if we had “good morning” rounds where everyone shared with the group something they liked with the others? ).

I actually did that when we were on the work-related trip: We sat drinking and joking and started to say something I liked with every one of them. They followed up, and I found it really touching.

For that reason I have now started a new blog, called
I made a twitter profile, and a facebook page and am now working with getting guest writers and finding interesting news that encourage people to help themselves and others. If you want to, check it out, and if someone have an important and inspirering story to tell, contact me here or send an email at


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