To Elizabeth

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Sometimes mere words are not enough to explain the effect certain people can have on you. The moments that forever stick to your memory might be little things like a smile, a gentle touch or something said with warmth. Sometimes these little examples start adding up until there is enough to write books about them. The people who create a wish to write this book, are extraordinary rare, that is why those little moments lie in a golden bed protected by professional guards who appreciate true art. I don’t care how many rooms I must build if I want to keep them all, because nothing matters more in life.

an unlikely match?
an unlikely match?

Some of the most altering life experiences come at true unexpected moments. I’ve already learnt this before, but am still as perplexed when it happens again. I met one of my best friends in Norway after a discussion about a guy who I hated and she defended. It was unlikely that we would talk any more than necessary with each other, but now she is a women who knows every corner of my soul. The same with Elizabeth. If there ever was an unlikely match, this was undoubtedly it. Our threads were connected by the weaver who held both our hearts in a firm grip, and the emotions I had to her were either of the fearful or jealous type. I remember watching a picture of her while tears sprang to life from the vivid image of them together. At that time, it crushed me that she had something I obviously lacked. When my fear was at its peak, I did the “unspeakable” (according to my ex) and sent her a message and asked if I needed to worry about her and my ex,,, but she never answered. I would probably not have believed her at that time anyway, so I forgot about it.

Five months later I logged into my facebook account as usual and was almost struck dead by shock. She was sorry for not replying earlier, but she simply did not check her mail often. A well of emotions rose in me, and some of them egged me to not reply back. Had it not been for the coincidence that the mail was sent two days after I delivered my ex’s last things to him, I’m not sure I would have. But I did, still with a hundreds of feelings rushing through me. This became the start of a growing and important friendships, that survived all the sinister possibilities of failing.

Yesterday I met her again, for the second time since we started to talk in March. I was so happy, all the time, and I loved how she again, unconditionally accepted me and made me feel okay. I discovered again how alike we were, and I kept bubbling over from excitement over having met such a kindred spirit who literally could read my thoughts at times. There is so much to say about these two short days, that unfortunately got shorter since I missed my stop (I know, I am hopeless when it comes to navigating at new places) and suddenly came to Washington instead of where I was supposed to get off the bus. I had to face the embarrassment of telling the bus-driver that I missed my stop and he fortunately guided me back to a bus that did return very fast so that I just missed three hours of our time, not 7 like it could have been. I got the chance to met more of her wonderful family, say hello to her roommate and see her favorite city in Maryland. I ate new food, talked about everything and slept like a baby in between. I saw her welcoming home, met a wonderful man fond of gardening and saw her childhood home. When I said goodbye it truly felt like I was saying goodbye to one of the most important persons in my life, and I actually did. I do not know when I will see her again, just that I will, and that I already look forward to it.

Elizabeth. Thank you for being there. I do care for you, and always will.

4 thoughts on “To Elizabeth

    David said:
    September 13, 2013 at 20:38

    The thought of friends being or trying to be there when needed? So nice!

    awax1217 said:
    September 13, 2013 at 20:44

    Friendship is fleeting. The armada keeps sailing away.

    polalroideain said:
    September 14, 2013 at 22:19

    Reblogged this on Pòl Al O'Roideain.

    The sound of steps on new ground | Mirrorgirl said:
    September 29, 2013 at 15:31

    […] we all agreed that New York is a city we would visit again. Since I traveled to Baltimore to meet Elizabeth, I lost two days. I also spent one Sunday shopping in New Jersey, on a large shopping center just […]

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