The sound of shocking news

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You can cut all the flowers 
but you cannot keep 
spring from coming


Yesterday I showed a video-interview that I found on an excellent blog I really like to visit when I need information about personality disorders  (“Dating a psychopath“) . It was about a famous man in UK (Jimmy Savile), who had many of the traits of a charismatic psychopath.

The following video is footage collected after his death, when the truth came out about him. He had fooled the public for decades. Masked with charisma. Which was, only a mask. He was not only a charismatic sociopath. He was also a paedophile.

Exposure – The Other Side of Jimmy Saville… by couchtripper

Exposure – The Other Side of Jimmy Saville… by couchtripper

2 thoughts on “The sound of shocking news

    brokenbutbeingrepaired said:
    September 21, 2013 at 14:02

    The Saville cases are sickening. The fact that throughout the very small isles that make up the U.K, he added huge damage to already vulnerable peoples lives (ie in the childrens homes, hospitals and psychiatric wards he commandeered). Being friends with the *right* people is how he got away with it(ie cases that were reported to police, etc were ignored for decades)…..have no doubt that there are more like him hiding in plain sight.
    Because the victims are not of any interest to anyone before, during or after…..they are so easily forgotten and left to continue battling to survive..very much on their own.


    Doctor Bradbury, please help me | Mirrorgirl said:
    December 10, 2014 at 15:57

    […] The sound of shocking news […]

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