The sound of christmas glee

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What do you want for christmas? Have you already made a list? Sometimes, I can be 3b18f4f805dff326ceec6429ed64303b Ch¨
a listomanic (people would never believe this, as much as I forget), and when it comes to christmas I like to write down what I want, and what I shall give to others. I try to start early with the preparations, so that I have enough time to think about what I`ll give to whom. It`s always been important for me to find good presents, and I still do. I especially like thoughtful gifts, or 


gifts with meaning, and that can be challenging. If you have ideas, feel free to comment. One of the ideas I really fallen for the last year, is giving someone a heart-warming gift. Two years ago I gave my mum a «goat». This might seem strange, but I actually bought a goat. Not to her, that is, but to a little boy in Africa. She got the «evidence» of this, and loved the fact that her gift had been to make a family happy. Since she never wants anything, this was perfect for her. I`ve also found a web-page with a similar concept: You can give women better lives as gifts for others. I think many would actually appreciate it, since we often have too many socks or books, anyway. But what we don`t have is the glowing warmth of doing something good for others. This feeling is a rare gift, and what I try to evoke when I wrap gifts in self-made paper. Christmas should be about love, and for me, it is. 

This year, give your loved ones meaningful holiday gifts that help women survivors of war rebuild their lives. This holiday season, browse our Gifts that Give Back catalog and honor someone special with a gift that will leave a lasting impact on women’s lives.

2 thoughts on “The sound of christmas glee

    positivagirl said:
    November 20, 2013 at 18:50

    I really like this idea. As my daughter died just after Christmas, it is quite a sad time for me. It usually triggers a lot of …. not great stuff from Christmas to end of Jan. It is with a sigh of relief that Feb comes in. (hence my blog started in Feb).. 🙂

    I love this idea. I am going to look it up. It would be nice to do something for someone else, that I couldn’t do for my daughter. Thank you for the idea, its left me really feeling inspired!! 🙂

      mirrorgirl responded:
      November 20, 2013 at 21:07

      That was really sad to read. Christmas can be sad for many, and the memories that you experience must be really painful. Can I ask how old she got ? It does feel good to give something to someone, so I love the idea that it can lessen some of your pain. I wish you had none, and I’m sorry you do.

      Many warm Hugs in this winter-time. I will think about you this Christmas

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