The sound of no gun

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I rarely fall in love. But when I do, it`s instant and for life

Naomi Pilgrim born of Scandinavian and Barbadian decent might remind some of Lauren Hill, back in the day at least. Not just vocally, but perhaps it’s more about the attitude, cleverly written one-liners, and the feminine self confidence. A lot of music blogs are keeping an eye on Naomi Pilgrim eager to get a taste of her debut album. I know I’m thirsty for more. 

There’s a Caribbean vibe and urban edginess going on here, fold in some R&B, and a splash of jazzy pop and you’ve got something devilishly delicious! The first gulps burst with some steel drum action and drops with a massive booming bass line. Add to the mix velvety, chocolate, vocal tenacity and it’s game over. This is a tune! 








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