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There are three level of confidence. Today I want to
talk to you about the most important one of the three, core
confidence. You core confidence defines the love you have for
yourself, the belief you have in your core that you are worth
something. It is easy to forget our core confidence when we focus
on looking confident, when you work on your belief systems.

A person with a strong exterior demonstration of
confidence will focus on appearance and mannerisms. They will have
built their confidence from the gym, the surgeries or just by
projecting solid body language. But what happens when this person
gets injured, maybe to the level where they cannot go to the gym
anymore? They will lose their confidence. They lose it because they
lose their identity. They are the person that is renowned for
having the perfect body. When that is taken away, they are
dislodged from the reality they have built for themselves. They
have no confidence to fall back on. A person with the perfect job,
the perfect bank account and they flashy lifestyle has a solid
internal belief of confidence that relies on the life they have.
But when a recession hits, or a movie star no longer gets work, or
a singer loses their voice they lose who they are. The confidence
your lifestyle generates is lost a lot quicker than it is gained.
This is why we hear of celebrities that get depressed or even
suicidal. They lose who they are, they lose the lifestyle they
lived. Finally we have you core belief. A term first coined by
Mathew Hussey, one of the leading confidence coaches in the world.
This is your confidence in yourself, your abilities and you
achievements. This is your own personal growth. Everything from
your skills, talents and traits all the way through to your
personality and who you are as a person. No one can take away who
you are.

Confidence in Yourself as a Person

The most important part of having confidence in the person you is
to love yourself, believe in yourself and be proud of whom you are.
Physically look in your mirror and ask yourself, “Am I the best
person I can be?” “Am I proud of whom I am?” Asking yourself these
questions and honestly asking them will highlight where you think
your own short comings are. Only you can be truly critical of your
choices in life, only you truly know where you haven’t performed to
the best of your ability. Honesty is the key.

through Achievements

Generating confidence through the
abilities and talent you learn and by the achievements you have is
the most powerful way to build solid confidence. No one can take
your abilities and achievements away from you. They stay forever.
The confidence you gain from completing a marathon will never
leave. No one can take that achievement away from you, that victory
is yours to keep forever. If you can speak French and you keep it
in your life, no one can unlearn it for you. Your victories,
achievements and personality define you more than how you look and
who you are. Build your core confidence, when you feel confidence
in who you are then you can build your exterior and lifestyle
confidence. Learn to love yourself, everything after that is easy.



One thought on “Reblogging core confidence

    ashokbhatia said:
    November 28, 2013 at 08:38

    Very true. Aggressiveness and a projected superiority complex often indicates an inner feeling of insecurity or lack of self confidence.

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