The sound of marionettes

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Have you ever thought about how central smell is? In mere seconds it can resurrect
dead memories and refill your basket of emotions. Who hasn’t felt happiness as they smell odors reminding them of childhood experiences? The smell of baked goods, the waft of spring air. But what if a smell turns on fright? When perfume from a stranger set you right back to earlier days of abuse and fright ?

Even fear smells!


The ones who control your fears can be smelled like rats can smell danger and evade it. Like marionettes we follow our leaders, polluting their environment with the smell of money and greed. Our heads are downcast, as we bow to our faith. We try to block the odor from entering our nose but the marionettes must follow all rules. We can’t complain, just hang there until we’re clipped off our prisons or wires. Until then, we can only remember the smell of roses to keep us sane, to keep us walking, with strings attached


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