The sound of swirls

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I throw my heart out,

and watch it spin down

in beautiful oblivion

You usually take care of them. You heed them and notice them if you let them roam. You protect them, but try to give them freedom. You experiment with them, think about them and stifle them. You seldom love them, but when you prepare to shape them so they will be just right, you sometimes do. When they flutter in the right way, put themselves after one another in the correct sequence. When they follow your intake of breath exactly, and linger at the right spot, you smile.

But not always.

Have you ever seen a blender the size of a house? How much do you think it can take? What can escape its crushing force? Would you want anything other than fruit in there?

Words are precious. Without them, we`d feel afraid. Today we can live thousand lives just by letting them in after turning a page. Today we can collect and remember them. Make them our treasures.

blendWhen we learn to express them, someone must listen. Without reply, they fall. Some begin their ride on the rollercoaster, until they flurry into someone`s ear. We wait in anticipation. Will they smile back as us in wonder or disgust? Or will their faces be blank? What if these words got in the sickening blender, gyrating around until their shape`s contorted? What if the forceful whirlpool made them dizzy, so they no longer knew what was a and what was b? Imagine how they twirl around, faster and faster?

Meet the swirling blender. So nice to look at, with its shiny exterior. Useful and every girl`s dream. But sometimes it makes a mess out of thing. What was whole and complete before,  shredded and distorted until its unrecognizable.


Be careful, dare one. Your words might get in there, too.



One thought on “The sound of swirls

    adurall73 said:
    May 19, 2014 at 16:38

    Beautiful! Struck my soul!

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