The sound of roaring fire

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Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

I am an integrator. I love exciting activities, but only to a certain point. I need a lot of free time to think and plan, but my plans must entail fun. If I get too little of either I feel restless. Most people have the need for a balanced life: Fire every now and then, but not without water to stop it from spreading to the forest. Some naturally have more or less preferable for one of the elements, but humans are malleable and can adapt to diverse situations. Isn’t life beautiful ? Fire, water, earn and wind. The elements bring us joy, as rain does after a drought. But like all things there’s also another side of the story. The elements can wreak havoc by burning and shaking us apart. But every wave has its surfer, and luckily the vast number of people today, means many brilliant and empathic people.

I have never met a person without potential. Some can paint, some can solve complicated mathematical algorithm and some can jump over fences. Some count everything, some love too much and some never feel anything. But all have abilities, specialities or features that the world needs.

I am lucky; I had the chance to follow my dreams. What about you?

I see fire by Ed Sheeran ...

Dark shadows crouching next to the hot flames of a bonfire. Warming their hands, trying to let warmth creep into their cold souls.

Fire, one of the four mighty elements. Ready to destruct in an instant, or controlling its rage in compassion with freezing mammals.

 What is YOUR relationship with the elements? Write your own story and Include a pingback to the daily prompt


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