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I listen to a lot of audiobooks and try to read ebooks and some of the books I’ve ordered, as well. I’ve also read books from people I met on the blog word, like Anthony Turi’s book about Teaching in Rome and BarryWax’s psychological thrillers. And recently I’ve discovered a new writer that I’ve started to explore: David Foster. I’ve haven’t had much time to explore, but have read

David Foster

It’s about a boy who’s burned himself. He describe the reactions of how the mother reacts and how the father, who’s perspective we follow, reacts.

2014-05-31 10.18.29
Human beauty described by Foster Wallace

I love how he describes small situations vividly, with emotions and precise words. He makes me think, and I can grasp the underlying story as once. Not bad when I don’t have children myself, but I can still relate to how one feels when someone you love is threatened, I also like the description from the burn child’s perspective. An example that reminds me of dissociation, is when he writes how the child ‘leaves it all’ when the pain gets too much.

II`ve also read “Both flesh and not”, that you can see in the picture, and must say I`ve never found tennis as interesting as now. He writes eloquently about matches, so that you`ll almost see it yourself. He also writes about the importance of things we can`t quite grasp with mere words. It`s so true, real beauty can never be described, it must be felt. In the book, he quotes Aquinas (another author on my to-read list) by explaining that it can be easier to describe beauty in what it ISN`T, and not what it is. This appeals to me, as science also follows this principle: We should search for evidence that point to the wrongness of the theory, rather than explanations that fit. If we follow old ruts, we never find new water.


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