The sound of multiples

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20140531-013044-5444914.jpgSometimes I want to so everything at once and my Mac just won’t do it. I’m no Mac expert, but I usually love the products. Right now, I don’t. I wanted to upload some pictures I’ve taken lately, and started the OpenOffice program at the same time. I also hit the ‘pages’ button, but apparently my silver friend is trying to tell me I should take it easy. In moments like these I remember other similiar instances : ‘Slow down, Nina’. It’s like I’m always in a hurry, and I expect everything around me to do the same. I shouldn’t need technology to tell me this isn’t always advisable. I can give people countless examples: I’ve locked my car-key inside the car four times! One time when I did that, my luggage was inside and my plane left in 20 minutes.

I’ve sprinkled my collages with ideas as fresh and confusing as a newborn chicken. I’ve managed to delete long emails that I didn’t take the time to save before it. I’ve tried to slow down, but with slower pace comes slower motivation. It’s like I need the surge of energy to fuel my behavior. When I finally slow down I sit down with books and don’t produce much. I need this, too. But I also need the tempo. I need the eagerness and glee when I do something I’m excited about, and as long as I always take time to plan and contemplate, I’m fine.


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