The sound of coming back

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It’s so good to be back.

After several weeks with stress, sore throat, antibiotics on trains & planes, work and family gatherings, my enthusiasm and initiative to fight for others and to create something new, has returned. Not that I haven’t done any creating, I have! But it’s been more in the ‘I know I normally like this’ mode of everyday life, where tasks must be done and accomplished. I’ve had some setbacks that literally has zapped away my energy, like a cancelled meeting because I hadn’t talked it through enough with some people, and having to leave early from the last dissociation course with Nijenhuis to not make more people sick with my mysterious virus that just don’t want to raise the flag. People have already gotten a throat infection like me, so I try not to breathe into everyone’s faces, or at least warn them if they say ‘Ah, no problem! My immune system handles anything! So thought I, but I must admit this infection has been an impressive challenge. I have four days left of my antibiotic-trip, and this time I won’t quit; No matter if I actually GET more sick from them (probably autoimmune reactions or something, but it has been milder then the last time). I have managed to go to the gym and been at work every day, the only thing affected is others ears when I sneeze or cough, and my enthusiasm for doing something important. To have it back is like seeing a long lost friend, so I welcome it cheerily and hope it will follow me into the dream world and the weekend.

How have my readers been the last weeks? Crossing my fingers and hope it’s been mostly good! If not, maybe you’ve learnt something new and are ready for new challenges?

Good night from wonderful Norway


One thought on “The sound of coming back

    brokenbutbeingrepaired said:
    June 21, 2014 at 07:08

    Welcome back, Nina 🙂

    Am sorry you have been sick, but pleased to see that you are welcoming back feeling healthy.

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