The sound of the naked truth

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Soft skin. But you don`t like it. It is too much of it! Always too much.

This summer some people have said that I look too thin. But, I eat a lot. Mostly healthy, but I have really enjoyed my ice-cream and high-calorie food this summer. I just try to stay fit, and to not punish myself or think that I might as well give up, when I do eat fat. I even know I need it, my brain is a tough nut, but without those fat-layers around them, it would be on thin ice.

Luckily, we are still quite nuanced in Norway, and have no epidemics or hysteria such as the USA. Even one of our biggest newspapers, focused on normal bodies. They posted a series of photos of naked people. We got to see the normal bodies after pregnancies or just on a typical diet. Still, the rate of eating disorders, is growing also here, and this is worrying. What can we do to stop this trend? I have eaten and working out like normal, to do my part, without counting calories. But it can`t be just me writing about this.

To see if you have some ideas on what we can do with the monster-truck numbers when it comes to eating disorders, feel free to insert own ideas on the following poll. Several heads think better together, which means that size DOES matter.

Angels also need to eat

One thought on “The sound of the naked truth

    Andy said:
    August 6, 2014 at 13:18

    My career is in healthcare marketing. Whether in-patient/outpatient care or working with the community at large, “feeling” related words used in communication have a great impact on everyones experience.
    When helping a friend who over eats or has a sever eating disorder, perhaps, it is no different. I tend to think that for many, psychologically, eating is a process which provides comfort for unresolved pain. This is probably a touchy subject simply because our behaviors in general fall into categories which ride the fence between just not knowing any better, addiction, and disease oriented behaviors such as alcoholism. Regardless of how someone tries to define behavior, such as behaviors which accompany over eating and eating disorders, change takes place much easier when we simply take seriously the words we use when we offer to help.

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