The sound of phantoms

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When I was in New York, I saw phantom of the opera on broadway. It made a lasting impression, especially the part when the main characters went to the underworld.

Right now I am Reading about eating disorders. The book is by two Norwegian therapists, that use art in the treatment of patients. They Write about how symbols and metaphors, can help therapists and patients With communicating when words alone is not enough. Art can be everything. The Authors say that living is an art, and I agree. For me art can be Music, too. The phantom of the opera tells a story of falling in love, and going too far With it. We have all been in the underworld, but hopefully not made it our homes.

Fra kokong til sommerfugl – Bokelskere

In the book, the underworld is described as a cellar. When patients With eating disorders Draw their “personal houses” they Draw dark cellars. Sometimes the house is made of glass, showing their vulnerability and feeling of being locked in. Sometimes the walls are steel, and sometimes brittle crystal that can break easily. Sometimes there aren`t any safe rooms.

In therapy they learn to make their own rooms, and find their own keys so they can be there without interruptions. That way, they can feel safe even if the other rooms are dark and dangerous.

We can be in the dark, but we can also see light. We can transform and become butterflies no matter how small and ugly we feel. We can og to the underworld, and come back.


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