The sound of violent silence

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Trigger warning: This post can be triggering for readers who’ve experienced abuse. Keep safe.

Methods of torture are varied.

Natalie Kampusch was kidnapped and kept as a prisoner many years. She was physically and sexually abused and experienced torture that we almost can’t imagine. Still, she kept some parts of herself safe. She didn’t loose everything, and managed to slowly rebuild herself after she escaped.

When I read her book, one torture method she described was related to sounds. For some it’s torture to hear a nail being drawn over a board, or cutlery over plates. For her it was the repetitive sounds of an air-conditioner. When She described the sexual and physical abuse, it was with the strength of a survivor. But her description was different when it came to the never ending thuds of the air-conditioner it was with terror and fright. The sound was impossible to block out, even when she slept.

There are many methods of torture. The persistence of repetitive unpleasant sounds, or the lack of Any sounds at all can be as disturbing as bruises after being hit.

The silent treatment is another methods of torture. Walking around on eggshells with no safe havens in view is the silent form of abuse that lead to mental black holes.

Please, don’t be silent when someone needs you.

There are 1000 forms of fear. Luckily there are 2000 ways to be kind.

The sound of violent silence




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