EMDR and Hannibal

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One of the tv-shows I`ve watched this year, is “Hannibal”. Quite scary and disturbing, but very good when you get past the fear. What I found very interesting, is that I see examples of EMDR in the show. First, a reminder of what EMDR is:

“Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is an integrative psychotherapeutic approach that emphasizes the role of the brain’s information processing system in ameliorating the somatic and psychological consequences of distressing events. Current emotional problems not caused by organic deficit or physical insults are conceptualized as the result of inappropriately processed memories of disturbing or traumatic experiences. EMDR is an eight-phase treatment, including a tripartite protocol that focuses on the memories underlying current problems and those that must be specifically addressed to bring the client to a robust state of psychological health. One of its distinguishing characteristics is its use of bilateral physical stimulation, such as side-to-side eye movements, alternating hand taps, or alternating auditory tones while the person undergoing treatment is mentally focusing on aspects of various life experiences”. (Shapiro,Solomon)

In the show I can see the main character experiencing EMDR. One of the times we see it, is when he “sees” the crimes that has been committed. A light rod goes back and forth, in an Equal pace, like the fingers do when a therapist helps With trauma. He moves his eyes back and forth when he goes “into” other minds. Another episode is when W. Graham is in prison, and one of the others try to make him remember what happened. In that episode we can actually see how they use EMDR-movements to bring forwards memories. A blue rod goes back and forth and With each movement, Graham experiences something. I`m glad that EMDR is getting more known, and like how they interweave theory in a show that many will see.


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