Work Mode and The Truth

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obbenI have been reading awfully much the last two years. The thirst for knowledge and different perspective has been reawakened, and I`m like a starved man, trying to eat everything at once. That`s why I listen to audiobooks while scrapbooking, while driving, and even when brushing my teeth, This way I have worked through some classics I`d never thought I read because I have so many other books on my lists, but now I have read Knut Hamsun, Leo Tolstoj, Benjamin Franklin and Dostovjetski. I have recently started on another audiobook, that I will listen to while cycling to work. It`s called About Life`s turmoil by J. Allen, and from I`ve heard so far, it`s about seeking the “truth” by taking care of yourself, and thereby helping the world.

One thought on “Work Mode and The Truth

    Liam Ubert said:
    November 17, 2014 at 17:49

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    A very fine political sentiment, with a ring of truth.

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