Good neighbors

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Brilliant. my first new neighbor experience was this: We have a common washing machine, and one of them is already out of order. I came down there to wash some things and a lady came in with a few mops. She asked: ‘Oh, that was a pity, I just wanted to wash these’. Immediately I offered to wash tomorrow, since she has just a few things, but she said it was okay and put her things next to the machine. I continued to load the machine, and talked with her while I did. She told me I had to put money on a machine to start it. I did not know this and she borrowed me the necessary amount and said I could pay her back later. I didn’t like the impression I was leaving. After I had stashed the machine full, I put the leftovers in my bin and left. I collected my clothes afterwards and remember it was a bit strange that I couldn’t see her things next to the machine as I remembered. I shrugged it off, and focused on the clothes I had to hang up. Later in the evening, someone knocked on my door. It was thE same lady. She had been at the room and couldn’t find her mops! She was stressed and asked if I had locked the door after I left. I realized I hadn’t , and shook my head in dismay. She told me this was the Mops she used to wash the floor , and somebody must have stolen them. I felt terrible and apologizes profusely. She saw my anguish and said it was alright: I was new and things like these happen.

The next day I wanted to wash the next machine with clothes. As I started to pull clothes out of my bin I realized: I had her mops in my bin! I just took them out and placed them back where she first put them. Some time later she knocks on my door again, with them in her hands. I tell her how I mistakenly put her things in my basket and feel like an idiot. She tells me she actually asked somebody else if they’ve stolen them, and that she contacted the people she works for. I again apologized and she said it was okay. As if this wasn’t enough, another accident had occurred when I came down to collect my other load of clothes: The washing machine was full of water! I don’t know what she will say to that yet, but I know I must be prepared for another explanation. I have a feeling the first impression I’ve left so far, isn’t exactly good..

One thought on “Good neighbors

    Cat said:
    December 28, 2014 at 17:43

    She probably thought you had stolen them!;-)

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