The devil is in the details

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Life is all about everyday moments. It can be the smile someone gives you when they talk to you, leaving an everlasting impression for the rest of your life. It can also be noticing something you haven`t seen before, feeling happy because the world never gets boring. I love details.images-13

I spot small details all the time, like when I`m watching a movie and see things others do not. It always fascinates me how I can notice something, while others focus on something entirely different.

In other words; We all live in our own realities, even when we experience the same things.

We interpret and we try to understand what those experiences mean. There is no situation that is alike for everyone, something I find beautiful. I will never understand someone completely, because everyone is different. But I love trying.

Birdy: Tee shirt

The devil is in the details

Someone like you

Knocking on hell`s door


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