The choices that matter

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images-19Every day we must choose from different alternatives. Most of them are small, like if you want salad or bread for lunch. But even those small choices can have a great effect in the long run. Today I came home from work, ate dinner, and sat down to make a card to someone I know. I knew I had to go to the gym, since I had booked an exercise class. As the afternoon melted over to evening, I felt my  motivation drop. Wasn`excercise it better to just stay in? Make some tea, eat some chocolate and watch a movie? But no, I managed to haul myself away from those cozy fantasies, and went to the gym. When I came home, I felt good.  Knowing what happens inside of me each time my heart starts pumping in tune with the music, makes me satisfied. I know I do something good for myself, something that will last longer and give me more than watching another movie that I`ll soon forget. So, every day we make choices. We can choose better health, and we can choose small things that will affect us positively in the long run. .

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