The sound of Italy

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I have been in Italy three times. The first time was with my scout group when I was 15. I can still remember walking in the small city near the border of Switzerland, even if I don`t remember it`s name. The whole atmosphere of the place was completely different from anything I`ve ever experienced before. I felt at home and free. It was like I was born to live in that country, and that feeling has never waned. My second trip was together with my ex-boyfriend, when we went to Venezia. Before we got there, we stayed at a camping site right outside the town for two days. Our tent went up for the fifth time that summer, and we settled down in the sun. The first night came with thunder. We could see the lightning from afar, and I put up my camera and took some pictures that captured the moment forever. I felt as energized as the thunder surrounding us. With forces like that, you realize how powerful nature is. You see the beauty of life, and it seeps into you like good memories with the people you love. The morning afterwards we slept in, and I awoke to the sound of Italy. A group of Italian youngsters were playing soccer right outside our tent, and the energy of it felt like I was right there, playing myself. Suddenly I heard one of the kids shout loudly “BRAVO”. I think that was the moment I realized that I had to learn the language that expressed life. Tomorrow I will do exactly that. For the second time, I am attending an Italian course together with a group of lively Norwegians, who for different reasons want to do the same as me. We learn verbs, words and pronunciations. We are still at the basics, but it makes every fiber in my body sing together with the words I love. I get goosebumps when I hear another perfect word, because to me, the language is exactly that. I know my love for the country and it`s culture will bring me closer to really learning all I can before I travel there again. My next goal is to visit Cinque Terre, a picturesque town where no cars can enter. I will walk around in the sunshine like I have done several times before, letting its culture envelop me like a soft blanket.

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