The sound of perfect words

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We sit in a circle. Next to me I have a man around fourty, who works as a computer engineer. He learnt Italian for the first time many years ago. He then put it aside after buying a dictionary, and decided to learn it again when the course started this semester. Next to him is an old woman, impressing us when we start an excercise about ordering food. She wants a “lasagna senza carne”, a sentence she didn`t get from the book, but must have learnt by her own. Her blond curls nods with her, happy as she is when we give her positive feedback. There are several others, one journalist who has travelled a lot to Italia and will go to Rome again this spring. Two ladies who knew each other before, and who talk with each other in a comfortable familiarity. A women that drives for one hour, and still takes the time to pick up a friend after we end the course at 21.15. A married man who always smiles with his eyes. A modest women with short hair with lively expressions, never hiding behind a mask of correct expressions. And our italian teacher, a portuguese women who always dress nicely. Today with a white silk blouse and stylish shoes (I never fail to notice people shoes, as I become addicted to beauty in all forms) A lovely group, that always enter the room with “buongiorno” at their lips, and “buena notte” when we leave.

To learn something new, together with others, is one of life`s wonders.

Sleep tight, my wonderful readers.

last ned


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