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The prevalence of dementia in Norway is about 1,5 percent of the total population. In 2013 we were 5,1 million people so that means a lot of eldery suffer from this debilitating disease. I haven’t worked a lot with dementia, but I have tried to read as much as I can, to try to understand it better. When I studied psychology I had a summer job for two years where I worked at an eldery center, with two devision. One with about 10 patients with eldery who had physical problems, like Parkinson’s disease, and one devision with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. We only had 6 patients there, and that’s where I worked for the most part. Some were at a early stage, so they could still remember some things, but others were already at a late stage, where they didn’t even recognize their loved ones. I remember how terrible it was to see families holding their relative in the hand, trying to make conversation, but realizing that the person they knew had changed. It tugged at my heart, the pain was so palpatable.

I am so glad that I live in 2015. We have seen an explosion in research relating to dementia, and in twenty years we might have come a step closer at that will work. Imagine how much suffering it would alleviate?



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    Darque said:
    May 23, 2015 at 18:13

    Great post, thank you for sharing this.

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    May 23, 2015 at 18:13

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