My grown up birthday wish 

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In September I will turn 30. It feels incredible old, but in reality it isn’t. If I live until I’m 80 I still have so many years left (hopefully), and that makes me happy. So this year I will really celebrate my birthday. I have already started the planning process, to ensure that I find a date that works for most of my friends. It looks like it will either be on the 18th of September (I’m born the 22) or the first week in October as me and some friends will travel on the 26th. I have started emailing people who live far away, and it looks like I will get a friend from Australia, Canada and UK to come over. They are friends I made during my Asia-trip three years ago, and we have managed to stay in contact for all this time. I met some of them in December.

I have also organized a big concert with Jørn Trellebø, who almost won Norwegian idol.

Made with Repix (
Made with Repix (

I will also have friends over from Bergen and Oslo, some I haven’t seen for a long time. I can’t wait! I

My grown up birthday wish is that’ve get the chance to spent time with people I love.

If some of my readers are planning a trip to Norway, feel free to contact me so that I can show you my beautiful home-place.

I have rented several cabins that will provide free accomodation for visitors. There will also be many different activities, like kayaking, board-games, scrapbooking and a cooking class. If you want more information, contact me at

I want my 30th birthday to represent who I am. I want it to be about relationships, and friendships across cultures and countries.

Happy pre-birthday to me!

Jørn Trellebø Kvalheim`s Norwegian Idol performance
Jørn Trellebø Kvalheim`s Norwegian Idol performance
Robert Moses will come and sing for us at my birthday oarty

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