The sound of silent music

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The last days have been filled with music. I have made my own songs, used the «smule» app where I sing together with others, and listened to songs on spotify. I have played piano, and discovered that I`m getting better at it. Finally my fingers are more comfortable on the tangents,silent_music_by_tickl-d51dlpe more relaxed and not so stiff. Music is so imporant to me, and it feels good to really let the sounds float around me in the air. The vibrations touch my skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. Emotions I`ve missed are reawakened, and I let tears fall as the soft sounds caress me. Music and melodies are my faithful friends, always there for me when I need it. But sometimes music is silent. In the pauses between one sound and another, you get time to reflect and look forward to the next tune. You get time to remember and to forget. I need both.

I need to be transported away to another world of melodies. Its so good to feel the safeness of familiar lyrics, enveloping me like a warm blanket. It is good to be lifted away from pain and heartbreak, and good to remember that life will get better if I just hang in there. Before I go to bed, I will put on a relaxing song, that can lull me to sleep. I want to feel its magic seeping into my dreams, so that I will rest in peace without nightmares.

Sleep tight, dear readers, and let the silent music play.

Silent music


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