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I39043e45b85749d5ed1170f09eab2180 love everything soft and warm. Blankets, fabric and warm, soft skin. I look forward to go to bed, feeling the warm duvet around my body. Softness is safety for me. I Have always appreciated warm hugs and have so many memories of being close to people physically. Mostly, I`ve had warm, healthy relationships with friends and lovers, with some scary exceptions. I have been enveloped in barbed wire, instead of hugs. And my skin has been pricked until it bled from those I thought I could trust. But today I have immersed myself in pleasant memories. I have let them fill me with warmth while sitting in the sunshine, feeling energy seeping into the frosty corners of my mind. Even if it`s late, there is still a sunset when I look out the window. It reminds me of beautiful days to come, and that if you wait long enough, the snow will thaw and you will feel warm again.images-29


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