The sound of love knocking on heavens door

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Falling in love activates the same brain areas that are active during a psychosis. I guess being crazy is a necessary part of the infatuation period. It’s when nothing else matters, when you willingly fall into open air. Even if you normally would dread letting everything go, you suddenly take the leap of faith like a bungee jumper. You become a sensation seeker, and you can’t stop. It’s a craving that can only be quieted by another dose of the person you have fallen in love with. You keep thinking about him or her, check your phone constantly and do everything you can to make him or her realize that you are meant to be together. And if the love is reciprocated, they join you in the madness. They take that leap of faith together with you. You both fly in thin air, hoping that the parachute will be there when you are closing in towards the ground. You grab each other’s hand, smiling blissfully, secure in the knowledge that together nothing is scary. Every minute is precious; Sleep, food and other basic needs are second priority, until you both fall into each other’s arms, exhausted.

When love knocks on your door, let it in.

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