My first experience with dissociation

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When I was a child, I loved cartoons. The first thing I did when I came home from school, was turning on the tv to not miss any of my shows. My all-time favorite was “Sailormoon”. It was about a girl trying to save the world together with four other girls. I only realized later, that this was the first time I learnt about different parts being pieces of one entity. The four girls had different abilities related to the elements: Earth, wind, fire and water. And Sailormoon, my heroine, was the one who brought them all together.

The most recent experience I`ve had when it comes to cartoons that made me think about  dissociation was when I saw was “Inside out” by Pixar. In this movie, we experience how a girl struggles with different emotions. We “see” the emotions in her mind, and follow them as they try to work together instead of sabotaging each other.

Off course, movies and cartoons like these were probably not based on dissociation-theories, but they do show how important it is to integrate different parts of ourselves. I loved Sailormoon, since she was how I wanted to be. And still, 20 years later, she is the manifestation of my dream.

It takes time to grow up, for some more than others. This does`t mean that growing up late is a bad thing. It just means that it was harder getting there, and for that reason more rewarding because it proves how strong we are. For those who managed to integrate all the confusing aspects of life at an early stage, things come naturally. Maybe they are happy earlier, but on the other hand: Might it not be that the people who had to wait and fight for happiness, appreciate life more when they finally get there?

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