The sound of spirituality

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Yesterday I chatted with a friend about God. He is a Christian, in addition to having a logic mind like no other. Many years ago, he told me about some things he had seen that he just could`t explain with reason. Those experiences related to ghosts, but he was not so interesting diving a discussion about their existence. What he wanted to talk about, on the other hand, was the reality of a “creator”. He did not want to use the name God, as this is just a label we have given to something we can`t explain. When I asked him what convinced him the most, he told me: “Science”. I have also read about other bright scientists, who have arrived at the same conclusion, and I find it intriguing. But, for me there still is a logical flaw: If there had to be a creator behind the big bang, who created the creator?

I have prayed for a power like you
To see deep down in my soul

Katy Perry, Spiritual

I am no closer to an answer. But maybe I don`t need to. Right now it`s enough to know that there are things I can`t explain. And there certainly is more to life than we can see or hear. If those things are phenomena we still can`t explain, or if there really is somebody “out there” does not really matter. What matters is embracing it.

Flying high as a kite on your love
Lost in sweet ecstasy
Found a nirvana finally

Katy Perry, Spirituality




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