The sound of skydiving

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I have always wanted to fly. When I was a little girl, I would watch the birds with rapt attention, dreaming about being there with them. Some people are afraid of heights, as I can be. But being up there, so far away from the ground, has always felt safe. Being in a plane, soaring over landscapes, is the most magnificent feeling in the world. Being so high up that the objects underneath you look like miniature figures in a doll-house, reduces the fear . The objects just dont LOOK real, and this feeling of unreality is what makes it safer for me. I like to be in a place where I see everything from a new perspective.

Unfortunately, I have no wings. I have two slightly wobbly legs, trying their best not to stumble, and some flapping arms cushioning the fall when it eventually comes. But still, sometimes it feels like I have wings and that they can take me anywhere.

Today I fulfilled one of my dreams: I got the chance to fly.

I went together with two friends to Voss, a place in Norway where they have a wind tunnel. When we arrived there, my eyes first met the lines of «blowing in the wind» and I immediately knew that I had no reason to be afraid. My anticipatory terror went away like feathers in the wind, and I walked into the building with self-assured steps.


When we came in, a man was in the wind tunnel, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw him disappear up in the wind like he was catapulted upwards. But then he came down, safe and unharmed, and I relaxed. We bought the ticket for the ride, and changed our clothes. I had to wait an hour before I went in, and spent that hour preparing myself. Watching my friends inside, was wonderful. They had done it before, and looked so happy and carefree that I could`t wait to go in there myself. When the instructor had talked with me and the little boy who would go into the tunnel together with me, I was as prepared as I could be.

The experience was wonderful. I just had six minutes, but they were some of the best minutes of my life. At first, I struggled with following the instructions, but when I came in for the second try, my body took over and it really felt like like I was flying. For the first time in my life, I was a bird. My hands and feet were weightless, and the strong wind protected me. I could not fall, as it held my body in a strong embrace that I never wanted to let go off. My body was in free fall, but I felt as safe as never before.

The answer is blowing in the wind


Free as a bird

When we drove home, they convinced me to try skydiving next week. When they said I did not have to fear the free fall, I told them: «I don`t want to call it a free fall. I want to look at it as flying. It is not a fall, it is actually reaching for the sky».

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