The sound of laughing children 

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I am sitting in the sun, waiting for the teacher to let the children in. They are standing in a neat line, talking and laughing. In front of me, two boys are interacting while a third girl is holding what must be her brother in a tight grip. They are happy, not stressed by the no-show of their pregnant teacher. I have been observing two children in different classes today, and this is my third observation of the day. I try to observe without any pre-judgement, preferring to not ‘know’ what I should be looking for. What constantly amazes me, is how children interact. There is just so much going on. Emotions flying through the air like ping-pong balls.

The sun and their happiness is warming me while I wait. There is no hurry, life is just as it should be. 


One thought on “The sound of laughing children 

    Secret Stains said:
    May 13, 2016 at 18:51

    One of my favourite sounds is that of children laughing and playing. Their imaginations never cease to amaze me.

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