James Nottingham: How School should be

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Since I have started working with children with learning disabilities, autism, ad/hd and a plethora of other problems, I have learnt a lot about schools and teaching. I have three schools, and meet a lot of teachers and pupils. It is interesting to see how different the teachers and schools are. But what strikes me, is how warm many of the teachers are. They care about the children, and in addition to that they manage to engage them. But is there more the schools can do to challenge the children and make them learn? Next Monday I am going on a lecture by James Nottingham. We have prepared for this, by watching a movie about the learning pit and I have also read his book, and am inspired. He encourages teachers to make the children think. The following video will demonstrate his theory. I hope it will inspire people who work with children, and also parents. Children are our future, so we should do everything to equip them with the cognitive and emotional skills to thrive in their circumstances.

The Learning Challenge with James Nottingham from Challenging Learning on Vimeo.

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