The human shield 

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When the world gets to much, he was there. They had been out walking. She in shoes that gave her blisters, he carrying a bag with groceries where the handle had been ripped off. They needed the fresh air, because two hours ago, she started to cry for no apparent reason.

They came home, and the mood was better. The depressive droplets of life fell to the ground while they walked, and inside it was warm. They went to bed, but she was tossing and turning. Remnants of the day twisted around in her, gave her no rest. Suddenly she felt his body on top or her. She was lying on the stomach, trying to find a comfortable position. His body was warm. Safe. But instead of just putting his whole weight on her, he arched his back until he transformed into an arrow. She asked him, laughing, what he was doing. He was silent for some seconds and then he answered: ‘I am your human shield’ 

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