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The sound of synchronicity

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This is a reblog from Higher Density Blog. This post reflects my thoughts exactly.
Trust the universe, and you will get what you need.

Synchronicity – There Are No Coincidences, No Accidents

Higher density blog

Every action you make creates a ripple in the universe. You unconsciously telegraph your thoughts to others. Synchronicity is the law of unity. We are all linked. There is no separation between you and anyone or anything. We are all connected.

There are no coincidences, no accidents. Every coincidence has a message for you.

Everything, past, present and future is linked. All coincidences have meaning. We are all synchronized. Any movement no matter how small is eventually felt by us all. Have you noticed that when you are ready to receive something you normally do? Have you ever had a perfect day, where everything went just right? People and things just appeared at exactly the right moment? That’s synchronicity. If you arrived a few seconds earlier or later things would not have turned out the same. You were in the right place at the right time. It wasn’t luck or chance. You were in perfect harmony with everything.

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready the master appears”. When you are in sync with the “thing” that you want you are much more likely to meet that “thing”. That is why similar people always seem to meet. They are tuned in to the same frequency.

When your vibration matches that which you seek you are destined to collide. When your frequency is the same as what you desire, the universe will always find a way to give you what you want.

If you switch on a radio you won’t hear anything clearly unless you tune in to the right frequency. Only when you tune in can you feel “Oneness”. You are consciously changing the world around you.


You can create Synchronicity


Synchronicity is seen more frequently by people who believe it to be true. Why? Well, if you say an event was just chance or luck you are sending a weak message or signal to the universe. Your mind does what you want and the universe listens. It will ignore what you don’t believe. It won’t point out something you are not interested in. But the more you pay attention the more you will see.

With synchronicity you don’t work hard to make things happen. You just let things happen. No force on your part is required. Synchronicities flow very fast.

Synchronicity is a mirror and whatever you believe will be reflected back at you. If you agree with the law of synchronicity then you connect more deeply and send out a strong message (ripple), which creates more synchronicity and coincidence in your favor. You are in harmony with what you seek. The secret of synchronicity and most things is to be “Consciously Aware”. If you are consciously aware of something you can immediately see and feel what others cannot.

Synchronicity is a significant coincidence. The higher and sharper your frequency and intention, the faster your synchronicity’s are revealed. Most of the knowledge of your subconscious can never be passed to your conscious mind because it is too vast. So your subconscious reveals just enough for you to understand your world. But you must be open to receive this knowledge. You have to tune in to the universe. You must pay attention to your thoughts and the world around you. Intensity allows everything to synchronize faster.


Chance can also work against you

Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law? Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong and at the worst possible time. Synchronicity can also operate in reverse and meaningful coincidences can be unpleasant. If you say, “I’m going to be late” or “I’m unlucky”, then the law of synchronicity works against you. If you expect bad things to happen then you are synchronizing with negativity. Have you noticed how lots of bad things can happen at the same time? This happens because you are consciously willing and supporting what you don’t want.


The Mystery of Chance

We have a very limited understanding of chance (randomness). Science says if something cannot be quantified or calculated then it is not true. This is called “The Experimental Method”. But science cannot explain everything. Your mind sees beyond the five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Your mind is free to travel anywhere across time and space.

Have you ever had an unbelievable chance meeting?

Bumped into someone in a very unusual place?

When something like this happens most of us call it luck, chance or coincidence.

Just because you can’t see the connection or reason for something happening that does not mean there is no connection.

There is always a connection, a reason. Coincidence is just an illusion.

Every single thing, past, present and future is linked. You might not see or understand why a chance event happened, but there is always a reason. The reason becomes apparent at some point in time.


Carl Jung Synchronicity

It was psychologist Carl Jung who originally used the term “Synchronicity” to describe chance happenings between unconnected people or events. Another term Jung used was the “Collective Unconscious”. We are all connected by our unconscious minds. Consciousness and matter are linked.

We might look different but we are all made of the same stuff.

A mountain, a tree, a person, we are all made of the same ingredients. That’s why we are all connected. Look at the power of an atom. If you split an atom you unleash a huge force.

An experiment by French physicist Alain Aspect in 1982 showed that when two particles (photons) are separated and one of them is given a different charge (positive or negative) the other particle, instantly without any time delay also changes its charge. It didn’t matter if the particles were one mile apart or one million miles apart. This breaks Albert Einstein’s law that nothing travels faster than the speed of light. Einstein himself called this, “spooky action at a distance”.


The Universe is talking to you

Pay attention to the invisible forces in your life.

A significant coincidence is when the universe is talking to you. Are you listening? Listening and being ready to receive creates amazing synchronicity. Look carefully for opportunities. Coincidences let you know you are going in the right direction. You are following the right path. Try to find the message in the coincidence. Does it resonate with your intuition?

Listen to your “Higher Self”. Quiet your mind and listen.

When you have multiple coincidences this means you are resonating perfectly with the Universe.

The only reason this does not happen all the time is because most of us don’t know why these amazing circumstances come about or just refuse to believe in synchronicity. The more deeply you connect, the more synchronicities you will encounter. The more you learn about synchronicity the easier it will be to see synchronicities.


Enter a world of Synchronicities

To have limitless synchronicities in your life you must first

let go of past beliefs.

Then you will “Enter a different world”, where everything seems to just fall into place.

Try not to plan too far ahead.

Then you will be more open to what you receive.

This often turns out to be better than what you expected.

Focus on synchronicity for just one day and see what happens. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your life will never be the same. Synchronicity begins from inside you. Your thoughts create synchronicity.

Synchronicity is also a sign of a Spiritual Awakening

The reason you are reading this page is due to synchronicity. What bought you here? What has changed inside you?

Enjoy your spiritual journey!

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The sound of sliding doors

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At the moment I am listening to several audiobooks at once. Most of them relate to the same theme: Parallel universes. Some might have seen the movie “sliding doors” and if you are like me, it is interesting to philosophize about how life would have been if we made different choices. I am often stuck in my past, trying to fix my mistakes until my head aces. It is almost like ice-cream melting and dripping on the floor: The sweetness blended with the dirt on the floor. The bitter-sweetness of it all, is tiresome. I am really trying hard not to let this effect me, and to trust the universe. In my heart of hearts, I do believe that everything will make sense in the end. That I will find the right door, finding my faith at the other side. In fact, this dream has been with me since I made my first song as a teenager. The lyric goes like this:

“This is magic. What we search for now. Love is the ingredient to the things we search for. In the dark of the night, we will find it. It will lie on the floor, like an open door. And then I see this magic thing. I will pick it up with no regret at all. The magic thing that is you”

Are you my mystical, magical object? Have I found the key that will open the right doors? Am I finally able to get out of the labyrinth my mind has created?

I think you are.



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The sound of spirituality

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Yesterday I chatted with a friend about God. He is a Christian, in addition to having a logic mind like no other. Many years ago, he told me about some things he had seen that he just could`t explain with reason. Those experiences related to ghosts, but he was not so interesting diving a discussion about their existence. What he wanted to talk about, on the other hand, was the reality of a “creator”. He did not want to use the name God, as this is just a label we have given to something we can`t explain. When I asked him what convinced him the most, he told me: “Science”. I have also read about other bright scientists, who have arrived at the same conclusion, and I find it intriguing. But, for me there still is a logical flaw: If there had to be a creator behind the big bang, who created the creator?

I have prayed for a power like you
To see deep down in my soul

Katy Perry, Spiritual

I am no closer to an answer. But maybe I don`t need to. Right now it`s enough to know that there are things I can`t explain. And there certainly is more to life than we can see or hear. If those things are phenomena we still can`t explain, or if there really is somebody “out there” does not really matter. What matters is embracing it.

Flying high as a kite on your love
Lost in sweet ecstasy
Found a nirvana finally

Katy Perry, Spirituality




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