Red brick road

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My boyfriend is snoring, so instead of trying to sleep I embrace the opportunity to write. My mind was occupied anyway with memories and random thoughts, so why not write it down instead?

Last weekend me and my boyfriend went to Poland. It was a great trip, where we had four whole days to do whatever we wanted. We managed to do some sightseeing, try an escape room for the first time, and take a day-trip to Berlin. The city we travelled to in Poland is called Szczecin, just a 2,5 hour bus drive to Germany`s capital city. Since it was cold, we did not see everything that was there, but we took the “red walk”, seeing some of the main attractions.

The so called “red walk” connects nearly all the attractions within the centre. This is by far the best way to discover the centre on foot, as all attractions are marked by a number (there are about 40) on the pavement, so you won’t miss one. At each of them there is a sign explaining some details about the sights.


One of the attractions in Szczecin

Like Dorothy in the wizard of oz, we were safely taken to our targets by following the red lines. My shoes were sadly not red and pretty (and not very warm), but it was still a nice walk.

Szczecin is a pretty city, regardless of its unpronounceable name.

The creativity (and humor) of the hard-working Polish people also manifested itself on the bus to Berlin. There was a little menu describing what we could buy if we got hungry or thirsty, and on it there was a small addition: You could get a friendly neighbor for free!


Need a friendly neighbor? 

Every city has something special, but the people you travel with makes the exploration of it even more memorable and exciting . I am glad I came to this part of Poland that I knew nothing about, happy to have seen the world through Polish eyes. Although I`ve read that the country has its problems, like a high unemployment rate, Poland still manages to show itself from its best side. Maybe a hard life makes people focus on what is good in life? We all know that people who look at the bright side and build on their strength when life gets difficult, can achieve great things. Painting the road with red lines might not seem like something groundbreaking, but it is clever.

I could have written a lot more about the trip, but will leave it for now. I can`t wait to go and explore more of the world. For now, I will just remember the weekend and soak up creativity whenever I encounter it.

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3 Simple Ways To Dump Toxic Memories That Keep Plaguing You

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toxic_memoriesPersonal Development

by Steven Aitchison

3 Simple Ways To Dump Toxic Memories That Keep Plaguing You

Steven Aitchison

Memories are either good or bad. Sweet or distasteful. We all have memories from our childhood, school years, the high school prom, our first marriage, first baby, etc . I’d like to think that most of us have sweet memories but in the real world, such is not the case. Not all of us had a life of roses, lollipops and sunshine.

And then there are the memories of our first boyfriend/girlfriend, marriage, divorce and divorce battle. The memories of betrayal and deceit often end up first and foremost in our minds over the sweet memories of our lives. For some reason, we cling to that horrible memory of how Sally or John cheated on us or walked out on us. It doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be that way. There are easy ways to get rid of those horrible memories once and for all.

1. Stop.

You can shout the word, flash it in your mind, whisper it, whatever way works for you but as soon as a memory pops in your head, stop it. Tell it to stop and tell is that it has no right to come back in your mind right now or ever. Tell this memory that you only have room for new and sweeter memories. A quick and simple trigger would be to snap your fingers or give your head a quick little shake to clear your mind.

2. Take back control.

Reclaim your mind and your thoughts. Once you have stopped this thought in its tracks you need to let this memory or thought know that you are in control and there is no room for it in your life. Memories are sometimes fear based and fear portrays itself as something big and powerful when really it’s not. You are far more powerful; you’ve just forgotten that somewhere along the way.

3. Replace it with a good one.

You’ve stopped it, you’ve sent it away, now replace it with a sweet memory. Think of a happy loving time in your life. Think of one or more times that really made you feel special and loved and happy. Think of something that might have been positive or happy with that memory. Maybe the outcome wasn’t what you were hoping for but in hindsight it ’ s the best thing for you. Take a moment and smile and feel the love in your heart for the good in your life.

The mind is a very powerful tool, or in this case I should say weapon, against any form of negativity that enters it. We are always in control of our thoughts. Many of us are afraid of our own thoughts and afraid to make decisions. This comes from low self esteem and self confidence.

In the past we have made so many poor decisions that we no longer trust our own judgement. All this leads to not being able to control our minds. What happens is that we believe we deserve the torment we put ourselves through because of the poor choices we have made. We believe that we aren’t good enough for good to come into our lives and we hang on to poor memories and maintain that woe is me attitude thus blocking any chance of anything good entering o ur lives.

It’s important to remember that staying in a negative mindset or continually rehashing all the bad that happened will not get you closer to living a life of joy. When you stay in the past and keep bringing back all those old wounds, the only thing you are doing is inviting more sorrow and terrible things to happen.

Stop those memories and replace them with good ones. Remember you are absolutely deserving of all the good you want in your life. You just need to let go of the old and bad so the good can find its way to you.

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15 years ago 

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15 years ago my best friend died after a car hit her. She was on her way to school, probably walking while dreaming about her future. About the things she wanted to do, the day coming up. Off course, I don’t know this. But I knew her. I know she lived her life everyday, without fear. She had just had her 16th birthday, one week before she died. Almost an adult, but with so many years in front of her. 

People say that often the best people die first. I know this is a cliche, and that sometimes we forget the negative after someone dies. But I know the reality of what we experienced together. How she made me laugh about anything. Forgetting the people around us, making me feel so happy. I remember her smile, her wisdom beyond her years.

I never forgot her. I also couldn’t stop the pain of feeling torn in two. The tears that never stopped, the funeral where I sang for her. Where I went to the front of the church to tell her how much she meant to me. The way I couldn’t cope with others smiling, laughing together. How dark the world got, my nightmares. 

Today she is still there. The guilt over me surviving when she didn’t. And her voice, telling me not to be stupid. That she wants me to live life to the fullest. That I owe her to experience the things I couldn’t.

I will never forget you. And I’m glad. I’m glad for every second we spent together.