Pictures that melt the heart

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The sound of morning waking me up

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I hear the soft humming of a computer nearby. The sun is already up, caressing my feet who had the pleasure of justing waking up and be put in warm penguin slippers. The morning has in some ways come far too early for my still drowsy mind, but I am just filled with happiness and contentment, even if I am nauseated after the lack of sleep. I look forward to this day. I have so many things I want to do. I will probably enjoy a little more time in bed, before I dress for the sunshine outside. I long for the sunlight warming me, just lying there and listening to the silence that can be found on farmland. The beautiful, green grass, so alive and thriving, still not knowing anything about the strain our planet is under. Its task is to grow, stronger and healthy, and it does not care about issues like pollution or starvation, it is lucky enough to just be there, without a care in the world.

I will care. I will enjoy every second of my life. First my favorite green tea with orange, then just read a bit on a new book from Victoria Hislop. I also want to work more on the post that my sister will get for her birthday (hoping she doesn`t read this so that the surprise element will be ruined), and to pack out my scrapbooking stuff to make more cards (a new hobby of mine). It is sunday, I have started on two weeks of vacation, and I am already falling in love with it. I have freedom, time and happiness pasted on my heart, and will protect it like I would protect an innocent child.

Good morning, everyone.

Protected: The sound of laughing eyes

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Humor; The highest form of defense mechanisms

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One thing is for certain; When we can look back and smile a bit or even laugh about it, we are healing. Some silly language humor that I hope bring a smile to YOUR face



Giving back

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Just wanted to thank everyone who so far have read posts I`ve written. I know a lot of them has been about the dark sides of life, and even if I know a lot of you truly care for people suffering, but everyone needs a break now and then.

Thanks for being there, and I look forward to reading and hearing more about you.

I have thought about how I can give something that you can recieve and use, no matter how far away you are. At last I found something that I hope will give you as much joy as me. A way to recharge your brain in every possible way. Remember: Fit brains can move mountains.



For Me (and You)

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2013-03-27 14.17.37

Psychologist also need to blow off steam (but silently)

Some of you might wonder what a psychologist do in their free time. I can of course, only use myself as a reference, even if I also have friends with the same profession as me. I know that some of them go on mountain trips, use time with friends, spend time with their family and travel. They often wish they had more time to read articles, books and psychological updates, but they choose the things most important for them at that time.

Scrapbooking is on my "relax" list
scrapbooking makes me relax

Some of you might hope for something sensational. Maybe you imagine me going to fancy parties with a lot of glamorous people, while sipping champagne. Or you think I use all my time on charity, either with people or small puppies. Maybe some even have a picture of me doing really strange things, like using voodoo-dolls, or perfecting my skills in collecting stamps. Like you probably realize, that’s not how I live. I also like to do things mentioned in connection with my colleagues, but also have other stuff I do, just for me. Sometimes I have time-limited projects, like last year when I started a facebook-group where I tried to connect people in my city with each other, which led to some new friendships and a lot of fun activities (photography course, cooking-course and hair-styling course, in addition to several nice dinners). I have also worked hard with learning Italian, and use some time on this blog (have always loved to write). I also love to read and scrapbook. The pictures are some project of mine, and now I am working with making “posters” for my office, with full of inspirational quotes and ideas. I have already put up three of them at my office, and have been a bit disappointed that no patients have commented on them so far (either they are too ugly, or they simply do not notice it. In that case, I should be pleased, since that must mean they pay attention to our conversations). I have also made some posters related to food. I use the scrapbook method, and focus on pasting things like recipes and information about healthy food, on them.

8efce35337cc54b8e9a789a2af30092dIt’s also relaxing for me to just think, but unfortunately I use too little time on that. Sometimes I make food, and when routine kicks in, my thoughts start to roll in every direction. I can also sit and sip some tea, and let the thoughts wander for a while (until I burn my tongue) Sadly, other than that, my nose if often buried too deep in a book to get any thinking done. But as I have learn, too much thinking is not necessarily a good thing, either.

swimWhat I also do, is train a lot. I go swimming mostly three times a week, and this week I also had a little biking tour. I was deliciously sweaty and pumped afterwards, but it felt so good to feel the wind in my hair and finally get some daylight on my white skin. One problem with working long days and using my car all the time, is that I forget that there exist something called nature, weather or fresh air. Lovely to be reminded of that, once in a while.

I think everyone needs to blow off some steam, once in a while, and if you found my activities boring, I still hope this might have made you think about what YOU like to do! If not, at least you know even more about a psychologist life!

That`s all for now!

That`s all for now!
That`s all for now!