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This has been an extraordinary summer.

It has been very good, but also bad. How life normally is, in other words, but some of the experiences has been atypical for me. An example would be the interviews I had with some famous people I respect and like. It is strange to talk to people that have been on television or have on my spotify playlist. Soon I will (if I dare) talk with the media about my blog, I just have to do a couple of more interviews first. Quite nervous about it, as I don`t like being in the media, but a bit excited too.

What I wanted this post to be about, though, is thankfulness. The last year has been full of experiences and lessons to learn. I`ve read, listened, been social and worked. I have worked with many projects I believe in, and all of them have something in common: I want to make a difference in the world. I don`t know why I need too, but I know I feel guilty if I don`t try. Luckily, I`ve met a lot of people with the same dreams as me, and have been encouraged by lots of friends and collages. Off course there has also been the opposite; People angry with me for speaking up, and making a “fuss”. But I try to live with that, as there always will be those who need to criticize and find faults. Not that I don`t have faults, I have many, but I love to learn how to become the person I ultimately want to be. I`ll probably never get there, but that`s okay. I`m not perfect, and have no illusions of getting there either. Why should I? The world would be a strange place if it was “perfect”. How could we even appreciate “perfect” if we had not experienced imperfectness? I am glad I have learnt so much, and that I`m still young. I can`t wait to learn even more, and DO even more. I`m so curious about what will drift towards me, and which choices I and others will make in the future. Life is exciting, unpredictable and wonderful. I love it, and all the wonderful people in it.

Thank you, without you I would be nothing.

My inspiration
My inspiration
Beautiful summer
Beautiful summer
Me and S. Rotevatn, a politician from "Venstre"
Me and S. Rotevatn, a politician from “Venstre”
My interviews are about kindness. I ask the same three questions to discover why people do kind things to each other
My interviews are about kindness. I ask the same three questions to discover why people do kind things to each other

The sound of restless waiting

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Feeling restless

Feeling ready and not at the same time. Thousand ways to find release, but only one you want. An addicted brain, longing for the impossible. Because the possible is too easy, you don’t have to work hard for it.

I keep working. And working. Doing everything I love and seeing everyone I want. Still this restlessness. Will it be there all the time? Is it a friend that never leaves me?



The sound of humanity

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image image image

Do you hear the sound of humanity rising through the clouds? It is not a prayer. It is the sound of life, the life that you gave… that you began. We raise the volume of our hearts in hope that you remember us. That you will continue to care. Do you hear it now as it washes over the mountains and ferments the hearts of man? It is the song, a wordless essence of care that we all share when we open ourselves to a chance. A chance to matter before we do not matter at all.





Thank you OM. 

His harsh reality can be found here:

The next weeks I will go to the media to reveal how bad the Healthcare system in Norway is becoming. You are my heroes and inspirators.

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The sound of Sheezus

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One of the songs I have listened most to this summer, is Lily Allen`s Sheezus. I like the text, the sound and the video.LilY

She’s humorous and has great points if you pay attention. Lily doesn’t really want to be “Sheezus” (Which is a play on words of Kanye’s “Yeezus”). She’s far from full of herself. It’s about how the females in the industry are treated as well as how they act. They keep trying to top each other. One minute Gaga releases something crazy so right away someone like Rihanna has to release a song 

Hope you like the video (might be triggering if you have experienced abuse)!

Lily Allen



The sound of two years passing

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It has already been two years! 378 posts, 55 drafts and 2 scheduled. It has been a great journey, and it still is!
A big thank you to all my readers. I hope you´ve found something of interest here. If something is missing, or need to get better, I would be delighted to hear your thoughts!
Happy Anniversary!

The sound of unleashed anger

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People can be calm up to a cartain point



20140627-210256-75776568.jpg but sometimes you have had enough. Anger can be both good and bad. Our responsibility is to make sure the unleashed anger channels into the good lane. The good lane is where Gandhi and Mandela went. Instead of letting unfairness roar, they let their sense of injustice guide them to inner strength and outward courage. I know so many heroes. So many who’ve felt rightful anger, but who managed to use this anger constructively. They are my heroes.

Different projects

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Page in art journal book


DIY offers endless opportunities. Here are some images from different things I do, most of the pictures are products that weren’t entirely done when I took them. But you can see the process and maybe get some ideas yourself?


Blue bench
Blue and yellow dylusion inks


The sound of coming back

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It’s so good to be back.

After several weeks with stress, sore throat, antibiotics on trains & planes, work and family gatherings, my enthusiasm and initiative to fight for others and to create something new, has returned. Not that I haven’t done any creating, I have! But it’s been more in the ‘I know I normally like this’ mode of everyday life, where tasks must be done and accomplished. I’ve had some setbacks that literally has zapped away my energy, like a cancelled meeting because I hadn’t talked it through enough with some people, and having to leave early from the last dissociation course with Nijenhuis to not make more people sick with my mysterious virus that just don’t want to raise the flag. People have already gotten a throat infection like me, so I try not to breathe into everyone’s faces, or at least warn them if they say ‘Ah, no problem! My immune system handles anything! So thought I, but I must admit this infection has been an impressive challenge. I have four days left of my antibiotic-trip, and this time I won’t quit; No matter if I actually GET more sick from them (probably autoimmune reactions or something, but it has been milder then the last time). I have managed to go to the gym and been at work every day, the only thing affected is others ears when I sneeze or cough, and my enthusiasm for doing something important. To have it back is like seeing a long lost friend, so I welcome it cheerily and hope it will follow me into the dream world and the weekend.

How have my readers been the last weeks? Crossing my fingers and hope it’s been mostly good! If not, maybe you’ve learnt something new and are ready for new challenges?

Good night from wonderful Norway


Never ever

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Was it maybe the lack of attention?
Or did you loose it all, no comprehension ?
Either way, we’re going out of or way
All the answers to your problems
We have to find