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Merry Christmas 

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It has become a Christmas tradition to write a blog post to say merry Christmas to my readers. This year it wrote far too late;  Just ten minutes before the day is over. 

How has your evening been? For some Christmas is a filled with love and joy, for some it means feeling lonely. 

No matter what, today is another day. Christmas is just one of many days, and what matters most is that we try our best to make every moment count.

Going to Cuba

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On Wednesday I am getting on a plane again. This time, my destination is Cuba. I am traveling with one of my best friends, and almost can`t wait. We will see three places: Havana, Vinales and Trinidad. A month ago we met a guy who was in Cuba last november. He gave us a lot of tips, so we have prepared well. None of us are good at planning ahead, as we love to explore and go where the wind takes us, so it was luck that we met him. Normally we book hotels right before we go, but he told us that in Cuba things are different. There are not many hotels, so you have to live at people`s houses. Finding a place proved to be difficult. We had to wait for confirmation when we sent a request, so finding a place in Vinales took us two weeks since we just could send one request per day. But now we have somewhere to stay for our ten days there, and we also have some plans: We want to go horseback riding, cycle, and visit a wonderful beach. This summer I just went to Italy for four days, and with a terrible summer in Norway, sun and relaxation is just what I need.

If anybody here has been to Cuba before, feel free to recommend more things to do.


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On Tuesday i arranged a day with barbecue and face-painting. Here is one of the girls that was painted-

Right now I’m sitting in the sunshine. It’s Sunday and I still have the whole day ahead of me. I got up early after 9 hours of sleep and felt ready for the day. I made a cup of tea, had breakfast and put on an audiobook. This one is not a book where I’ll learn something, it’s a simple, but funny story. It’s good to not do something not serious for a change, as I have organized and worked a lot the past weeks. No I have time to relax, and know I need it. Summer has finally started, after many weeks with rain. I still have some weeks left before my holiday, but time flies so I’m already in holiday-mood. For now, it’s just lovely to feel the sun warming my skin.

IMG_6069 2
The sun is shining

The sound of falling apart

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The tea bag

I started drinking tea when I was 19 years old. When I was young, I said “NO!” with a stern voice if somebody asked if I liked it, based on the earl grey school tea students sold for a good cause. I do not exactly remember when I thought I could try again, but it must have been in the period when I decided to explore more of the culinary world.

Some tea-cups later i drank tea with one of my Friends. Our cups were half empty when I exclaimed: Its so annoying that the tea bag always touch my nose when I drink tea! My friend looked and me and told me: You can just take it out! I looked her dumbfounded as an ‘ahaaa’ feeling hit me. I had never thought about doing that, as I was inside my experience with tea drinking was still undeveloped. It made me realize how easy we think inside boxed and need others to get out of them.

In my Office there are lots of shoes in different colors. I Guess many Girls will recognize this lifestyle. When I was in Asia, I bought many of them, but especially one pair of shoes was not walking beside me. I am talking about a green pair. I think it actually was my first green pair, since I rarely explore greenness when I buy something. But I liked those shoes, and put them on immidiately. That day we were going from Cambodia to Vietnam, and had a pitstop in the Mountains. It was beautiful, and we decided to walk up the Mountains to get a proper view of the country. With the green shoes I walked, and it went well. I came up, without much effort, and I even managed to get Down safely. But when I was almost there, my shoes literally fell apart. I Guess they had not glued it properly in Place. I was stressed as I had no other shoes in my immidiate area, and was hopeful when I saw there was a little market Place. I went into it, but I knew I had little time before Our bus left. I asked many, but no shoes could be seen. Then a woman, who didn`t speak English at all, approached me! I could buy her shoes. I asked how much it cost, and she mentioned a sum. Desperate I gave the Money to her, and got myself a New pair of shoes that looked like they had seen better days. I thought they would be okay for now. When I got into the bus, and told the others the price, they explained that I had used a shocking amount of Money. Since my Math skills are very bad, I didn`t realize that I just had given the woman what must be a months salary. A bit dissapoined, but I thought about the Bright sides: She probably needed it more than me. What I didn`t realize, was that I actually had bought the best shoes I ever had tried. Even if they are quite ugly, they are so Nice to walk With. I have used them a lot of times, and they are actually better than my best sports shoes. Who would have guessed? Today I am still surprised at the quality of them: It felt like I was completely wrong about something, and I actually love that feeling. It means I still have something to learn, and that I shouldn`t judge something before I know more about it.

These two stories are examples of being surprised and finding something New where you don`t expect it. Great feeling, isn`t it?

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The sound of silent islands

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I have been on islands. To be more specific, I have travelled to Scotland and isle of coll. This is a calm and relaxed island. We stayed in a little cottage, and met some really friendly isle-dwellers. Everyone said hi no matter if they didn’t know us. They loved to chat, about everything from the weather to the fact that Scotland is still not an independent country. They smiled and looked like they had all the time in the world. Not something you see in cities around the world. I also went cycling through a flat and beautiful landscape. I could also read as much as I wanted, and wasn’t disturbed by the constant internet frenzy that normally haunt every second of my life. It was a pleasant bubble where I slept and felt well. In other words, I do recommend this little island if you need a break.

I have included some pictures. Hope you enjoy them



The sound of restless waiting

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Feeling restless

Feeling ready and not at the same time. Thousand ways to find release, but only one you want. An addicted brain, longing for the impossible. Because the possible is too easy, you don’t have to work hard for it.

I keep working. And working. Doing everything I love and seeing everyone I want. Still this restlessness. Will it be there all the time? Is it a friend that never leaves me?



The sound of clocks ticking

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Luxury wrapped in nothingness. I can use my new piano app, I can sit down and write on these white pages, and I can drink tea and eat whenever I want. The clock is in the background, where it reminds me of an important life lesson; That every minute is mine to use however I want.

Sometimes I think and plan, sometimes I just DO things. I write emails, listen to music, read books and go for a walk. Memories pop up as I`m reminded of similar moments to those lived and read about, and I try to imprint it all to my new memory. I like to know that my brain is occupied with learning and writing its own stories. That the knitting inside of me follows the patterns of my surroundings. When I learnt my first knitting technique yesterday, my neurons adapted so my fingers could pull and twist the thread in the right direction. When my fingers glide over the piano tiles on the screen, my neurons learn and applaud my fingers on. It`s so much to be happy about, and I am.

Studying ourselves

I appreciate the time I have so much, and it scares me that one day, it will all end. It will be dark. No more learning, no more memories and no more looking back. When the inner impatience awakens, I still remind myself that no matter how many years, minutes and seconds I have left, I still must do one thing at once. Sure, I can move back and worth between different activities, but I must stay in the moment while I do it. When I sing, I enjoy every tone, and when I write, I love the feeling of my fingers gliding over the keyboard. No one can take any of this from me. It`s mine, and I can keep it as long as my neurons want.

This summer I will have the chance to scan my brain in a machine. I`ve always wanted that, since I find it exciting to «see» the mystery that is me, on a page in front of me. I also like the idea that is more and more tangible today: To record my dreams and thoughts. They have already done this in Japan, and if they`d ask, I would say yes immediately. But I also read an interesting article in a magazine, that focused on how looking into ourselves, can become too much. We must be careful when threading the line, to keep away from self-absorption and egotism. Its interesting to know oneself, but I find it really thrilling when I discover the minds and ideas of others. The fascination is in the difference; Especially when I notice how their mindset is qualitatively different from mine. When you get that «pull» from a new, brilliant moment in someone else`s mind, I feel happy. I feel lucky to experienece it, and to understand that I might have been wrong.