blue delight

It started with a plain boring scrapbook page.

Today I work on many projects that fortunately look better and better. I love to check out DIY sites and learnbut also to create my own methodsThis site`s content will hopefully satisfy the craftloving readers out thereIf not, I`d love feedback! I answer most mails, and am always thankful for honest repliesWithout critiquewe can`t become better!

The site will be organized in different themes, like DIYcard tutorials and scrapbook pagesUntil thenenjoy the tag “scrapbooking” or “DIY” to find my work.

More can be found at my other blog:

You can also find some projects on my other blog: La vita è bella 

To give an idea of  the projects I`m working on, I have included some pictures:)

Have a crafty day, everyone!


“Hope you get a good day”
Heart with embossed “thank you”
Digital art
Christmas card to a great psychologist

Birthday card to one of my favorite friends


The psychology board I will hang up in my office (when it`s done)

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