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Narrative of my life: Introduction

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Many people Ask: Where do I begin When they get the possibility to tell their story. Since I work with people every day, I have heard many variants, and I will no chose the overview variant to give you an idea of who I am and how I became that way. I am already, in the age of 26 (27 in two days) eager to share my story, and maybe that gives me many fascinating stories in return. I have always been interested in other people. I guess that explains hours spent on movies, reading and reality shows. Today I work with what I love, talking to people from 8-16 as a therapist. People usually Ask : don’t You Get tired of it? My answer still is: No! Even if I read hundred books, I never get tired of that either. Some books are better than others of course, but I love it when I find something that manage to surprise me, and humans never stop to amaze me. Every person has their own personality, that you usually grasp automatically based on intuition, that unexplained x-factor that make you love and hate, sometimes because of unknown reasons. To hear how someone became like that, is like opening a gift box. You may have inklings of what might come, but it never ceases to surprise me. It can be a touching description of somebody’s day, for example how they worried that their mother would be hit by a car, or a summary of their childhood. It can be how they talk, dress and behave, and even better, it’s changing every time a person experience something new.
I feel in many ways that I have my essence still, but outwardly and inwardly I have also changed a lot. When I look at video-camera footage of myself, I almost get a bit ashamed. Was that me? How could I be so obnoxious? The same thing happens when I look at my writing from back then. I could not understand what I did wrong, now it blinks and announces itself with great vigor, and I have to smile at my high hopes.

I hope my life story will be okay for somebody to read, too. It’s full of sad, happy and normal memories, but I know nobody out there has exactly the same story as me, in that case I would like to meet you very much! If you have questions along the way, please feel free to ask.

Will start writing my story as fast as possible, please stay tuned for more.

Hello world!

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My first post

So this will be my attempt at a blog in English. Just to warn all of you: My English is not the best in the world.

First I want to share what this blog will be about. It will Mainly be a place where I pour my heart out, and I will be honest in what I write. My life has been s journey, both good and bad, and you will be with me for the next steps. Right Now I have reached the ‘peak’ years of my life. I have worked a year as s psychologist, just Been 2 months in Asia and have started my own facebook group that Now has 1500 members. Overall I have been lucky, but it has also been work. Hope all of you are interested how my life will continue on from Now on, and sometimes also be with me when I look back. I will write about both good and and bad times, thought I have around my life, other people and things going on, and will keep you updated on what my group is doing.

i hope you are Curious for what will come in the future, because I surely am.