The sound of silent islands

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I have been on islands. To be more specific, I have travelled to Scotland and isle of coll. This is a calm and relaxed island. We stayed in a little cottage, and met some really friendly isle-dwellers. Everyone said hi no matter if they didn’t know us. They loved to chat, about everything from the weather to the fact that Scotland is still not an independent country. They smiled and looked like they had all the time in the world. Not something you see in cities around the world. I also went cycling through a flat and beautiful landscape. I could also read as much as I wanted, and wasn’t disturbed by the constant internet frenzy that normally haunt every second of my life. It was a pleasant bubble where I slept and felt well. In other words, I do recommend this little island if you need a break.

I have included some pictures. Hope you enjoy them



The sound of two years passing

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It has already been two years! 378 posts, 55 drafts and 2 scheduled. It has been a great journey, and it still is!
A big thank you to all my readers. I hope you´ve found something of interest here. If something is missing, or need to get better, I would be delighted to hear your thoughts!
Happy Anniversary!

The sound of shame

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Since October (when we got a new government), more and more shocking news articles about the “best country in the world” , have appeared. Its scary in addition to shameful, that instead of focusing on kindness and compassion, we have started to behave like other capitalistic countries do. We have everything we need, so why don’t we do more ?
I have included an article from the Guardian, even if I feel ashamed about posting it. I hope that the new government don’t mess up too much before reelection, and I certainly DO hope that the mistakes they`ve made (which aren`t few ) guarantee that they never rule again.

One Of The World’s Richest Countries Wants To Ban Begging