You Are Not Bad Luck

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The light 

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the little turtle comes up from the water. It sees the bright light and wants to get closer to it. Small turtle-steps towards the light. The ocean behind it with its waves. The same movement, over and over again. The turtle normally walks in moonlight. It is the beacon that orient it, that makes everything easier. 

After a while it comes to the highway, dark except the light. One step closer and now the light reveals it secret. 

No moon, just a street light. 

The sound of atonement

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How does it sound when heavy stones touch the earth? Can you see them sinners? Walking in their rugged shoes, barely able to move. How the sinful boulders finally tip over from the shoulders they rested on? Some of the stones land safely, on a meadow. Some start rolling down steep hills, crushing everything they meet. Some even fall on their unlucky feet. A short moment of relief. Why is there so little soft ground?


Colorful animals

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Sometimes we need to be surprised. Here are some beautiful and colorfol animals that might brighten Your day!

#1. Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon

#2. Purple Snail

Purple Snail

#3. Pink Katydid

Pink Katydid

#4. White Peacock

White Peacock

#5. Black Rooster Ayam Cemani

Black Rooster Ayam Cemani

#6. Pink Dophin

Pink Dophin

#7. Blue And Green Parakeet

Blue And Green Parakeet

#8. Rainbow Cricket

Rainbow Cricket

#9. Indian Bull Frog

Indian Bull Frog

#10. Pink Orchid Mantis

Pink Orchid Mantis

#11. Chimeric Lobster

Chimeric Lobster

#12. Albino Crow

Albino Crow

#13. Albino Squirrel

Albino Squirrel

#14. Hallowen Crab

Hallowen Crab

#15. The Regal Ring-neck Snake

The Regal Ring-neck Snake

#16. Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

#17. Red Velvet Ant

Red Velvet Ant

#18. Pink Robin

Pink Robin

#19. Blue Lobster

Blue Lobster

#20. Red Slug

Red Slug

#21. Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp

#22. Pink Grasshopper

Pink Grasshopper

#23. Rosy Maple Moth

Rosy Maple Moth

#24. Cuckoo Wasp

Cuckoo Wasp

#25. Blue Carpenter Bee

Blue Carpenter Bee

#26. Purple Crab

Purple Crab

#27. Blue Grasshoper

Blue Grasshoper

#28. White Lion

White Lion

#29. Deilephila Elpenor


#30. Polish Pigeon

Polish Pigeon

#31. Green Leaf Looking Bug

Green Leaf Looking Bug

#32. Metallic Green Bee/wasp

Metallic Green Bee/wasp

#33. “cobalt Blue” Tarantula

#34. Io Moth Caterpillar

Io Moth Caterpillar

Little ball

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I feel like curling myself up in a little ball. A wooly, warm, tired little ball.

I wish my limbs were more flexible. 

Good night, lovely readers.

littleone round little NaSj  kittenball fur



The sound of falling shackles

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But I got chains and you got wings

Angels were never meant to fall And you were the loveliest of all If I thought God could fix this, I’d pray for your forgiveness

Natalia Kills

From the blog: Dating a psychopath

This link ( is a good documentary with Louis Theroux. In this video all the classic character traits of a charismatic sociopath can be seen.

The truth about Jimmy Saville did not come out fully until after his death. He was a very celebrity in the UK, and operated behind his mask of charisma for decades. This is a really good video. Unfortunately I can no longer find this on youtube. 

More about her

2012-08-10 17.11.06
Amadeus  He never returned the cat after he got him. I never got the chance to say goodbye.

It`s actually quite sad that psychopaths/sociopaths never (?) can experience the range of feelings we have. People with shackles who are freed, can truly live in every way. Many psychopaths have no meanings in their lives, because without feelings, everything is flat. Its sad really, but they have to help themselves. It can`t be family or their lover. The people closest to us, don`t have the necessary distance that people must have to handle it. Am I a sociopath? (part 1) from the blogger in: 

Sociopath World

A reader of the blog to the sociopath, asks about how it is to be a sociopath. Here follows the answer:

Hello. I think I might be a sociopath, but I’m not sure. I don’t have a conscience per se, it’s more like a logical guide for what is right and wrong. Nothing turns my stomach, no type of immoral behavior enrages me unless I’m on the receiving end. All of my responses, even my “emotional” responses, are calculated and performed. I know I’m not the smartest person on the planet–VERY WELL, but I feel it. As far as my heart and soul are concerned, there is nobody smarter on this planet, even though the very mind in question knows that’s not the case. I use people when I can, so long as it doesn’t hurt them in the process. I’m not sure if that’s because I don’t want to hurt people or because I’d like to believe I’m not manipulative. Generally speaking, I don’t lie about anything except for my feelings. But I don’t go out of my way to hurt people. I actually go out of my way NOT to hurt people. Pretty much my entire life IS an act, and I don’t really know who I am… but I’m definitely not normal, nor do I fit all of the negative aspects of the sociopath stereotype. What does this sound like to you? I’m asking because as much as I’m able to make sense of the world around me, I cannot for the life of me make sense of myself. That is the one thing that my mind can’t penetrate. I can state facts about what I do, what I don’t do, my habits and tendencies, etc, but trying to form an opinion about myself is like walking through a minefield of self-deception and convenient stray thoughts.

Protected: What I wanted

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