Mixed media canvas project 

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here is a canvas I have made. I’ve used a lot of details like metal figures, flowers, napkins, the Tim holz clock die and lots of painting and mist. Hope you like my project!

No artist tolerates reality

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Husband Illustrated Every Single Day He Spent With His Beloved Wife

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Husband Illustrated Every Single Day He Spent With His Beloved Wife 

It’s hard not to tear up while scrolling through affectionate Curtis Wiklund’s illustrations. The Michigan-based wedding photographer drew every day for a whole year to document his life with his beloved wife Jordin.

Wiklund was inspired by Jordin who was doing her own 365-day photography project. “During that year, many people told us they felt like they got to know us better through the drawings, like they were a peek into our personal life,” Wiklund writes in his website.

Whether it’s brushing teeth together or getting positive pregnancy test results, Wiklund depicts it with warmth and tenderness. It’s a nice reminder that there’s always room for romance in daily life.

P.S. Wiklund is working on publishing a book of his sketches. You can sign upfor a newsletter on his site.

Our Tree

Our trip to IKEA

My Birthday coming soon

My Wife Watched The Season Finale Of Castle Today

Some Place I’d Like To Be

Post-Shower, Pre-Hairspray

I Still Learn Something New About My Wife Every Day


Cold Season

Dumb Fight

She Read To Me, I Played Guitar For A While, And Then I Drew A Picture

What should I Draw?

You are still my Valentine

Scratching as a sedative

When My Wife Is Out Of Town, I Forget To Eat Or Sleep

My Sleepy Girl

Snowboard Goggles And Onions

Did a lot of Laughing Today

We are pregnant!

I Love her so much

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Happy eastern!

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Happy eastern and good morning. I am beginning this morning with pictures found on Pinterest. Here is one:


I love children and their ability to dream and see the world in new ways. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that: There are a thousand ways to see the world. And none of them is necessarily right or wrong.

I hope everyone have plans for this eastern. What it contains, is up to you.


The picture can be found on my Pinterest board: The meaning of art  

My first experience with dissociation

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When I was a child, I loved cartoons. The first thing I did when I came home from school, was turning on the tv to not miss any of my shows. My all-time favorite was “Sailormoon”. It was about a girl trying to save the world together with four other girls. I only realized later, that this was the first time I learnt about different parts being pieces of one entity. The four girls had different abilities related to the elements: Earth, wind, fire and water. And Sailormoon, my heroine, was the one who brought them all together.

The most recent experience I`ve had when it comes to cartoons that made me think about  dissociation was when I saw was “Inside out” by Pixar. In this movie, we experience how a girl struggles with different emotions. We “see” the emotions in her mind, and follow them as they try to work together instead of sabotaging each other.

Off course, movies and cartoons like these were probably not based on dissociation-theories, but they do show how important it is to integrate different parts of ourselves. I loved Sailormoon, since she was how I wanted to be. And still, 20 years later, she is the manifestation of my dream.

It takes time to grow up, for some more than others. This does`t mean that growing up late is a bad thing. It just means that it was harder getting there, and for that reason more rewarding because it proves how strong we are. For those who managed to integrate all the confusing aspects of life at an early stage, things come naturally. Maybe they are happy earlier, but on the other hand: Might it not be that the people who had to wait and fight for happiness, appreciate life more when they finally get there?

The meaning of art

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I wish all my readers a calm, good sunday. I am including some pictures I have collected on pinterest, that stimulates me. We need art to activate parts of our brain capable of dreaming and look at the world with wonder. Maybe some of the pictures can do the same for you, as it does for me.


The meaning of art


Part of Nature by Stuart Mcmillen

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Part of Nature cartoon

This cartoon is heavily influenced by the books Natural CapitalismPaul Hawken, Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins (1999) and Mid-Course CorrectionRay Anderson (1998). It is also in the same vein as the flash animation “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard, which I watched when I was about 90% of the way through the drawing process.


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There have been 1 million Bangladeshi and more than 200,000 Burmese women trafficked to Karachi, Pakistan (Indrani Sinha, SANLAAP India, “Paper on Globalization & Human Rights”).

Karachi: Around 1,109 women were killed in 2012 and 736 in 2011, said the president of Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid, Zia Awan.

He also condemned the increasing number of threats faced by women in Pakistan on the occasion of the International Day of Social Justice on Thursday.

Awan, who was quoting the figures collected by Madadgaar National Helpline, explained that women are subjected to abuse in Pakistan due to the feudal and patriarchal mind set of the society and lack of education.

We see gender inequality being practiced everywhere, in homes, workplaces, and in the legal system, he lamented.

“The increase in the number of women being murdered reflects the failure of the legal system to preserve women’s rights,” said Awan. “Non-governmental organisations and law enforcement agencies need to do more to help women facing persecution and to raise awareness about gender-based violence.”

Published in The Express Tribune, February 22nd, 2013.

pro pros
India and Pakistan are the main destinations for children under 16 who are trafficked in south Asia (Masako Iijima, “S. Asia urged to unite against child prostitution,” Reuters, 19 June 1998).”It is a flourishing trade with no law to prevent or control it,” says Zia Ahmad Awan
 cefe8f8b2a1aebed9ac4128103cb1409But, people try to help. One web page post ideas for ending trafficking, that people can vote for.

One solution presented is trying to change attitudes in the society towards trafficking in West-Africa:

Characters in the radio soap opera “Cesiri Tono” (‘All the Rewards of Courage and Hard Work’) serve as role models for audience members to initiate behavior change against child trafficking and exploitation. Written in Bambara, a local dont matterdialect in West Africa, the drama was developed and produced after intensive research on the cultural values and attitudes of the people and the official policies and laws of the countries. The research was integrated into the drama’s characters and storylines to make it realistic and believable. This innovative approach builds capacity by using local scriptwriters, actors and producers. The drama is being broadcast via community radio stations throughout the countries of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast.


More ideas at:

Some try to use art to wake people up:

Art in Pakistan



Our lesson:

Don`t forget


The sound of falling glitter

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A tired woman holds her hands shut, fists clenched as small beads of sweat gather on her forehead. It’s completely dark around her, like a castle without light. The darkness illuminates the fact that the woman is holding something with its own light, but you can’t quite see what. Is it shining ? Green? Yellow? You can`t be quite sure, since she keep it closely inside. 1e6f0c21138bf6ebac99cb1538aa4dd7A memory is swimming in her head. When the details off it manifests themselves, the lights inside her hands becomes stronger, and she push it back. She doesn’t want to see his jaw line, his tender eyes full of concern, or hear the empty footsteps when he walked away.

You feel her pain, and want to hold it for her, but you know watching and being there afterwards, is the only help you can offer. A silent tear starts to fall, and a white bird coming out from nowhere catch it and let it ride on its soft back. Some seconds pass as the bird carry her tear away. The woman know this must be it for now, or she will burn away all that’s left of her. She lets him touch her head just one more time, and hears his voice saying he didn’t mean the bad things he said.glitter Slowly er hands opens, and you see it’s full of glitter in all colors. It sparkles and shines for her, the beauty awakened from forced sleep. She thinks: I can’t watch this any more, it’s not mine to keep, and she turns both her hands so that more and more glitter falls down. It covers the floor, and pools around her, and she’s careful not to step on it so it can fully light up the darkness around her. She puts her head up, stands straight and brush the last flakes down while turning proudly, not looking back.

She doesn’t look tired anymore, she looks radiant and strong and we all see it; This woman doesn’t need glitter to shine.