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The sound of beautiful music

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Dear Elizabeth

Happy birthday!

I want to dedicate this post to a girl who means the world to me. I was so lucky that I got the chance to meet her in June, and I cannot underline how much that meant to me. She lives in Baltimore, but our friendship is close no matter how many oceans separates us. She works as a pianist, and plays a lot of concert in addition to teaching. Her whole family are hard-working musicians, so they have travelled together many times to create moments of magical music.  

Some years ago, I  just knew her from description, and I didn`t know more than to make an unclear picture. Shrouded in mystery, and undiscovered by me.  At that time, I wasn`t too eager to study the picture in detail.  

A true beauty, in heart, mind and appearance

ElToday I see the picture clearly, and have realized that she truly is an uncommon piece of art. She is like those paintings you put in the central rooms, so that everyone can admire the beauty.

Her beauty is not just physical, but also mental. Mixing an unbelievable kindness together with a brilliant mind, has lead to a rare kind of woman. She is that woman one feel privileged to have encountered, and that woman one can never forget.  

I have now known Elizabeth for four months, but I feel like we share a lifetime together. I have been lucky, and have really got to know her, and I have had the chance to let her soft words soften my pain.  I want to jump up and down in the air when she finishes a new project, and want to put myself in the middle if someone should try to hurt her. She is so full of compassion that mother Teresa would have been envious, and tops that off with talents, intelligence and a wonderful way of sharing her thoughts.

She takes time, when there is none. In a period this summer, she had literally not ONE evening that she could use with friends or herself. She has still made time for yoga, thinking about her life, in addition to produce music, teaching her students, arranging concerts, travelling to another countries and helping her family. And still, she often feels she should have done more.

She described the hectic period herself:  

It is something of an event childbirth. The pre-birth pains are awful (though tinged with some excitement), there are moments of fear, the experience is overwhelming, but it brings something really joyous into the world. 

Me & Elizabeth

Thank you for giving me so much hope and happiness when I needed it most. By just listening without pointing fingers and making me feel bad, you made me realize, I still deserve to be on this earth. You are a natural «helper» who automatically knows how to respond, and in addition you have a gift that you luckily share with the world every day. Its heart-warming to see, how your eyes sparkle when you talk about experiences, and I am very proud of everything you have accomplished these lasts months.

You have so many good sides, but you don`t see them in the dark. Don`t you know you are a girl who cries because others have suffered? Remember when you heard this song and told me about the suffering people had endured in the war? You see others like no-one else, but are not conscious enough when it comes to your own beauty. You strive for perfection at work and in life, but don`t see that you were perfect from the beginning.

You love too teach, and feel pride every time your students move forward on the road you have made for them.


Here is a little story, if people still don`t see what I mean: She once played the piano for a men dying of ca

ncer (lymphoma),  He wanted to hear classical music for the last time, and she said yes to 

play for him. While she played, her tears streamed since she could see how much it meant to him. She made it special.

Elizabeth, you are one of those stars that shines with a strange intensity. Your energy spreads its warm wings over those around you.

I care for her very much and hope you will shine like you never have before. You have so many wonderful years ahead of you, and I will be there if clouds try to hide your light.

One of her performances, together with her brother


  check out her sites:

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Borowsky: Northern Lights

Her own blog:
Around the World On 88 Keys


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