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Some Cities are So great that one feels compelled to write about them. As I'm sitting in the royal Danish library the need rises. They have a superb cafe at the first floor, where they serve warm juice with different spices, warming my cold insides. I've been walking around for some time now, so arriving here was just what I needed. I just finished one tasty piece of a long Danish dark bread with fruits and seeds, and am now ready to explore the place. One day later I'm sitting lying in bed after breakfast and excerscise at thE hotel. I can see the new day shining on the rows of cars rolling in on the parking space. The clock is 08.11 and I feel good. My plan was stand-up and a cocktail course afterwards, yesterday evening. But as I sat sipping my one beer, I got so drowsy that I stayed in and went to bed early. I woke up fresh, happy I chosen not to stress from one place to another. I also understood that I am really getting older, or more mature, if you prefer. I don't mind this, however, as I feel content most of the time. It's calmer and more pleasant all in all, and since I have done my share of experiencing, I don't miss doing something new or meeting new people. In fact I feel pleasure from small interactions: Yesterday gave me several of those. I sent and received many 'snaps', I attended a hearing in the Danish parliament where I wrote with Rasmussen Hoff while listening to him and others, I asked the girl next to me what the name of another politican was, I helped a man in the elevator with what the numbers at his card meant, saying 'you'll have a great view', smiled to a stranger after he smiled to me and talked with a woman and a man after I manage to fall from my bycycle for no reason whatsoever. These small meeting, in addition to FaceTime or Facebook chats, is life for me. I love the warmth in every one of them, and know we will remember each other. Travelling alone prepares me for meeting like these, and even if I have the best memories from travelling with friends or boyfriends, there is something appealing with the time to reflect and do other things while enjoying relationships at the same time. In fact, I've got many memories from just sitting on a bench observing life around me, taking it all in.


I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, as I'm preparing for mine

The Danish library (at the first-class cafeteria)
A wedding party in the garden
In the botanical garden
Bella sky

Look at the poster in the left corner. A lot of them in Copenhagen today. I also went inside the psychological university to see how it looked:)

Botanical garden

Have tried to not buy too much, but who can resist stores like these ?

I would have bought this for my apartment if I didn't have to carry it with me for such a long distance. Maybe someone can make it for me one day, or I can learn to do it myself (fits perfectly to other details In the new apartment)

The library



The sound of popping balloons

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“How long till my birthday?” She jumps up and down, pony-tails bouncing eagerly together with Dreams and Hopes. The mother exhales in exacerbation: “Five days. But can you please stop asking me every other second”. The girl claps her hands, enthusiastically, because five days is not a lot. She can survive five days, but oh, it will be hard. A girl some blocks away is just one day away from her birthday. Pony-tail girl would have been green with envy, but this girl, shrouded in clothes that her mother seldom wash, with greasy hair that covers her serious face. She tries to not think about the upcoming event. Birthday`s are the worst.

Pop #balloon #photography #mostamazingphotography

I write a lot about dissociation, and this leads to the side-effect of noticing it everywhere. This actually led me to say, when our leader asked us psychologists who wanted to check if a girl had AD/HD: “I don`t think I should do it, I`ll probably only see dissociation anyway”. The others laughed, and the task went to someone else.

I remember reading the book “En dåre fri” by Beate Grimsrud (excellent book) that described a girl with schizophrenia.

She described how she hears voices, and some of them were even given names. The same happens in a famous Norwegian book called “A Road Back from Schizophrenia: A Memoir” by Arnhild Lauveng. The protaganist is living a healthy life today, working as a psychologist. What fascinates me in the book, was that she described voices that belong to specific  One was called the “captain”, and was very harsh on her. She never worked hard enough, and had to be punished often to “learn her lesson”. She also had a child part, and I think there was at least one more. Her diagnosis was schizophrenia, and she thought so herself, but it reminds me awfully much about dissociation.

“The zebra girl” by S. Åkerman

Many patients have been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, when they really suffered from dissociation. Is it strange that I just found another book that reminded me about dissociation as well? The last week I`ve been reading a book from Sofia Åkerman (could unfortunately not find an english version of it). She was a patient for many years because she harmed herself seriously by cutting. She is now living a good life, helping others with the same issues as she, and is known in Norway, Sweden and Denmark for her books. In one of the last chapters from “To survive: A book about self-harm”  she mentions a little story by Kristina Lugn (in picture) called “the birthday party”. A girl is celebrating her birthday, but she is not having fun. She tries to explain why not: “The enemy comes when I celebrate my birthday. He wants to destroy the cake, my gifts and harm the people around me”. Sofia fell in love with the story that no-one else understood. She put it under her pillow at night, and read it over and over. She got it. Maybe she had met Mr. “Enemy” personally. He never said hello in happy circumstances, but laughed and smiled when blood dripped and colored her future red.

Kristina Lugn
Kristina Lugn

In my clinic, I`ve actually seen this: When everything is going like it should some part of my patients protests: It shouts: “You aren`t supposed to feel good!!” and maybe even feels threatened. The captain, The enemy or the dark side, have a lot of power. Loosing it is scary and uncomfortable for them. In some ways, it’s perfectly understandable that it push the emergency button by doing the only thing it can in a crisis: Hurting the one causing the threat.

We need to understand the captain or the dark sides, since it also has a story to tell (maybe even the most important ones). When A. Lauvheng started to get better, the captain was stiill sometimes there. He kept organizing and made sure she got the results she wanted. But he wasn`t allowed to criticize her anymore. Actually, his job was important, but the tough words were superfluous.

He had to learn some lessons himself.

Maybe her birthday will be better, this time?


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