The sound of dying laughter

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Humans. One moment they`re there, in the next, gone. westandwithyou Traces from yesterday`s laughter still lingers in the air as storms and typhoons sweep over the last giggles. When the wind calms down, silence speaks and leave its  marks in the sand. This time, at least 10.001 possible laughs blew away, and serious, cold stones will be raised instead. No-one wants to see their grayish, terrifying message. They remind us of our grief by it sober, cold surface. The hard granite knows no compromise; The only option left is for us to fall on our knees, letting our anguish out. Our tears fills baskets, but it`s still not enough. No tears can take away the pain. We plant flowers as a token of our love and we try to go on with our lives, even when we’re broken.

<We look at gravestones all the time, and we manage. We’ll have to manage, for their sake

This Weeks Writing Challenge asked writers to say how they leave their traces. The challenge showed a picture of flowers lying on a 150 year old grave.

This prompt brought a whirlwind of thoughts alive. They came washing over me like a typhoon washes over the shores. Left behind is havoc, both outside and inside people’s worlds. I think about the tiny graves that must be dug out, by hands feeling numb. I think: I want to remember this. I want to look every typhoon in the eye so I see it’s prey. Never letting myself waver. We have to face storms coming our way and use our remaining energy to remember them.

Their own memories drowned.



On the other side of the world an estimated 9.8 million people have had their lives and homes devastated by the super-typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines on Friday. Heartbreaking stories and pictures are being broadcast of the destruction inflicted by the storm (by ). 

In USA, another storm blew away happiness and joy. A girl with a huge heart left us, leaving behind a boyfriend who loved her and many friends who truly appreciated her. She lived a life filled with strife, but also beauty. She preferred to stay outdoors, as near nature as possible. But nature craved her back the same way hungry waters craved thousands back in the Philippines.

Her death is silent. The world is not turned towards her as they’re understandably turned towards the Asians. But I do wish to leave a mark on her grave, too. I do hope I can lay my trace on her grave by writing this to show that a beautiful flower has died.

I hope, dear Nico, that I’ll always remember you. And I do hope, there’ll always be flowers on your grave.

Even after 150 years.

I’ll miss you

The sound of talking out LOUD

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Jumping for the worldFor this week’s writing challenge, channel your inner Abigail Von Buren. Experiment with the question and answer format. Taking inspiration from a question you’ve been asked recently, whether in conversation with a friend or sent in from a reader, don your best counselor hat and share your expertise.”
The last year, I`ve been asked some variant of a question inquiring into my source of inspiration: How can you have so many projects and so much energy to carry them out? Where do you take it from? This question has as many answers as I have ideas, but I want to illuminate some shining possibilities in the following post.


1970 (P. Floyd) : We don`t need no dark sarcasm, we don`t need no mind control.

2012 (Muse)     : Rise up and take the power back, it`s time the fat cats had a heart attack




I`ve already said it to a couple of people: “It`s crazy! Right now it feels like I`m walking on a red carpet”.

It`s scary, since I`ve always felt wobbly on high heels. But I have chosen my favorite shoes and matching outfit. I walk with my head held up high, because I have no other choice.

One of my best friends, jumping and cheering.

For me, it`s as impossible to not take the walk of shame, as it is for my clients to survive another day. But they do, so I can`t be worse.

I am unfairly blessed. I am not walking in shame. All around me I see people cheering, stretching out their hands and encouraging me. When my legs starts to wobble, they walk next to me or support me (see picture for evidence).

My hard-working clients sometimes had none that cheered them along. What I`m doing, is nothing. What they did, was miracle after miracle.

Some of the people in my inspirational crowd are people I respect immensely, and I want to present three of them in this post.

Knights of justice

The three musketeers presented have a lot in common; Big hearts, brilliant minds and the ability to express their thoughts in a way that might change the world. Two of them have been class-mates of mine in 6 happy years. The last one was my class-mate for only half a year, but that was enough to carve a lasting impression on my mind’s canvas. They are so lovely, in their own unique way, and I think people will understand what I mean when reading or more about them.

My two class-mates Iris and Mads has both accomplished so much in the smallest amount of time, and I know it`s just the beginning of a fairytale that will reintroduce magic into the world.

Iris is a social butterfly that flutter from country to country no matter if parts of her wings malfunctions (Or her knee, in some recen instances).

The first time I saw her, she didn`t seirise me. This is not strange, since her nose was always deep in a book or touching the paper as the pen`s ink frizzled around her in the lecture hall. She was wrapped in intensity, and wore it with elegance that fitted her grown-up genes from the Netherlands. I`ve always liked people from Holland, so she would have been a favorite of me had she not possessed so many other exciting qualities. She is the girl who multi-tasks better than no other, and still keeps her head above the water at the same time. She also has the most delightful type of humor, and I`ve had some of the most enjoyable belly laughs in my life with her. As if this wasn`t enough: She has a creative, musical and fierce side that I find equally fascinating. She fights for her beliefs like the toughest tiger in the club, but never leave scars or scratches (unless people deserve it, of course). Her smile sits loosely, and she shoots the way into people`s hearts like the most effective Smith and Wesson. I love spending time in her company, as does everyone else. There is so much more to say, but I think you get my point. To see some of here work (she has even won prices for it, and I`m sure there will be many more) feel free to explore the following links:

About Iris:

(she doesn`t know that Iris has always been one of the most beautiful names I`ve ever heard, in addition to “Isak”.

(( That is, not until now)))

University of Bergen, Department of Biological and Medical Psychology,

PhD, Psychologist

Iris research Interests: Social Support, Sleep, Sexual Abuse, and 2 more

Shining star

Mads has always been one of the people I`d want to become He can say anything, at any time, with some type of wisdom peeking through. If not wise, it WILL be funny or entertaining. He always asks the right questions at the right (or wrong) time, and is the life of every party. To see him today, shining like the star he is, makes me proud.

I`m also impressed, since he always jumps right into the lion`s den. He`s a lion tamer of first class, having few visible battle scars when facing the crowd. The world needs courage like his. 

People like Mads, inspire me to do the same (his lecture is presented further down, and I DO recommend it if you need to broaden your mind or just want to laugh until your stomach hurts).


The last person I will present is Gøran. His immense kindness stretch the boundaries of every border while opening the most resistant doors at the same time. He is gentle, intelligent, morally decisive and has the courage to speak his mind, like the others. He is now the leader of a new master-organization in Norway, and their site agøranlready has over 5000 likes. I`m not sure which role he had in the construction of the site, but I`m quite sure his ideas are worth listening to. Gøran is, like I wrote before, a person who is attentive enough to see most people around him. He is that guy that brings forward the best in people. He is not a loud attention-seeker, flamboyant or arrogant, but calm and warm at the same time. Combined, this become grandma`s favorite recipie that most people like or respond favourably to. He`s also brave enough, to speak his mind, and my gut-feeling is that this made it more natural for him to become the leader of the master-organization.

Thank you, Gøran, for being an encouragement to others.

Why not continue the exploration of this man? check the organization here—> http://psyfo.no/

I am lucky to have met so many great personalities. Still, I won`t close my eyes, or throw the luck away. A poor man with rags for protection, would feel outraged if he saw people with shoes of luxury who didn`t appreciate their golden heels.

I walk in my red shoes from Oz, but I will not walk alone, and I will try to help as many as I can along the way.

I also included some other exciting speakers from the TEDx in Bergen.


Like us on Facebook and win free tickets and oth

TEDxBergen is welcomed by Mayor of Bergen

The City of Bergen is very pleased to host the TEDx conference. Your theme for the conference “The Power of Ideas” is the ideal theme to focus on in Bergen. Commanding the spectacular western edge of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Bergen has been a focal point of cultural and commercial activity from medieval to modern times. The City of Bergen is The power of dreams.

Read more

Some of the speakers

The TEDxNHH stage welcomed several brilliant speakers, who shared their knowledge with the audience, entertaining and enlightening people.

Kristian Krohn Djurhuus

Kristian Krohn Djurhuus, Industry Manager at Google Denmark

Kristian is the Industry Manager for Automotive and Entertainment at Google Denmark, having been affiliated to the world’s most desired employer for more than 8 years. He owns a profound expertise in search engine marketing and online advertising and, hence, will be sharing his view about contemporary traits of the IT-industry, importance of moon shots and prospective vision on open access to information and learning.

Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Jean-Baptiste Huynh,

Founder and CEO of WeWantToKnow


Watch a short video about DragonBox

Jean-Baptiste is a creator of the award winning educational algebra game DragonBox. His company WeWantToKnow maintains the audacious goal of delivering K-12 mathematics knowledge to any child in 30 hours of gameplay. With WeWantToKnow, Huynh combines his passion for entrepreneurship, applied mathematics and social impact.

Mads Nordmo


Mads Nordmo, Clinical psychologist

Mads Nordmo is a clinical psychologist from UiB. His research revolves around cognition and decision-making, especially implicit cognition. In spring of 2012 he filled in as lecturer in the bachelors course in psychology and leadership at NHH and has been awarded “Bronsesvampen”, the NHH students award for outstanding lecturer, for the course. Mads invites us to look beyond a transactional view of human behavior, as he explains how moral psychology and existential psychology may be instrumental in understanding how and why movements arise



How to save the world (examples here)

We need people like the three musketeers to inspire and motivate. Together with many other people I`ve met the last years, I think it`s possible to collect the forces and change some parts of the world.

My own high-wired baby is also trying to do her part:

One day I woke up after a hardcore “brain association” party with a new idea: I must make a blog where both me, other therapists AND patients write about topics related to psychology. My ideas are like wriggling worms: They just can`t hold still! For this reason, I have now in two months, used far too much energy on writing, copying and editing psychological posts on different topics. I have met other people as crazy as me, thinking we actually can do something to make the world a better place. What about you? Are you also in for the ride?

The sound of shifting perspectives


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EMDR: Eye movements help trauma victims

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For those who have followed the blog for a while, you might know I mostly work as a trauma therapist, and that I use, among other methods, EMDR to integrate traumatic memories. so what does the psychologist mean?

Recipe for change

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Recipe for change

                               Preknowledge for best results                               

This recipe is a favorite of mine.

                                                                    It uses readily available basic ingredients,

 and blend them together with fun and creative methods. Most has tasted it before, but few have tried this inspiration recipe handmade from a clinical psychologist. Make it with warmth, and the meal will be tasty and satisfying                                                                                       ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Get in the mood

  Make sure you a working on a clean table freed from any stressful crumbles.in mood Then, get in       the right mood for cooking, by turning the compassion knot upwards. You have the    freedom to turn it up at the maximum heat without any harmful effects. The recipient can  be both people you know, but the meal is also delicious for strangers. Everything can be  made from 30 seconds to five minutes, and you just have to cook it once a week. Feel free to  forward the recipe if you like it`s sweet taste. If you are severely busy, feel free to use the    basic ingredient Smile in creative ways. For those who really need to lift the mood, this    recipe is highly recommended since it the health-benefits are many: Lower blood-pressure,   more energy, a meaningful life and less psychological and somatic symptoms.

You can practice cooking everywhere, but be sure to always have some ingredients with you.


What you need: 

Basic Love: Sprinkle it over the end result5dfc79fbcb6371283b8595fff99e1eb5
1 cup of respect for yourselfcupof

Every cook is an artist. Have respect for the ingredients you have found, and use them with love. As an artist, be sure to scrub away left-overs from bad meals.

Basic ingredients: 

* one Smile pr. dish

* one fridge of Compassion

* Two ears (add hearing aid, if needed)

 *   Endless amount of creativity

* Two observant eyes

 * Five gallons of motivation

 * Five inches of belief extracts


 * If needed: Scraps of paper, with three ounces of nice words

  * A friend with terrible cooking skills (needs help)

  * Willingness to clean, carry things or surprise


     How to cook it together: 

           Cover yourself in self-love. Swallow compassion, and let it soar through your body.

                      To be sure that enough energy is available, feel free to spice it up with motivation and                                 belief. When this is done properly, you are ready to accomplish the central step: Use your two ears and eyes, scan the area for people and find a person that will receive your help.

You are now ready for the central step: Find an idea based on validation (for example: Smile, deliver compliment, do something helpful) by stirring in a lot of creativity. Be sure that this is done while having fun., but remember that you still can do this if the mood is bad, while enjoying the good feelings afterwards. Be sure to add your idea with sprinkles of love, and be sure that the idea is observed when accomplished. Knead in your and their happiness, and repeat this process as many times as possible.

                                    Extra tips: 




Thanks to the Weekly Challenge for this opportunity